Ielts Band 7+ vocabulary

The core list of words or Ielts band 7 vocabulary has been specially designed for the students who are endeavoring towards getting 7 bands in IELTS. You might have read in my previous articles that fluency and grammar proficiency is more than enough for getting 6 band score in writing and speaking. It is absolutely fine if you are not able to use the words which are in higher bracket. However, if your aim is 7 band or higher then you must get used to with advanced and core vocabulary of English language.

Three factors are taken in to account when an examiner is peering through your IELTS essay. To give you 7 band score or higher he would look for,

  1. Complex and advanced structure construction.
  2. Advanced vocabulary.
  3. Passive voice.

Here, we are discussing advanced vocabulary. You would be provided a complete, comprehensive list of core words which is used by prominent authors, columnist and writers in different standard magazines, newspapers and IELTS reading. This list is extremely useful for you in writing essays. In addition, this would be helpful for reading and speaking section too. In the first phase you would be provided 450 vital words in 30 different categories.

In the list, first word is a basic word which is known to most of English aspirants who are graduates or post graduates even intermediate. With this two or three advanced words have been provided. You should get the mastery over these words. You can increase your band score by simply replacing the word which you use presently with the more advanced words which have been given here.

Remember that the core vocabulary would only be useful to you if you would develop the habit of seeing them in different reading and listening.