Topic 26 : Describe a school or a college in which you have studied

Topic 26 Describe a school or a college in which you have studied.

You should say:

  • Where the school or college is?
  • When and what did you study there?
  • What was it like?
  • And explain whether you liked or disliked it?

Sample answer:

  • Schools and colleges are the place where the future of the students are shaped.
  • I have been profoundly fortunate to find the best schools and college in my life.
  • I have attended 4 different schools and one college. However, here I would like to talk about my college.
  • I am a veterinary student.
  • I have studied in veterinary college campus, Anand which is located in the central part of Gujarat.
  • My college comes under Anand agricultural university.
  • It is one of reputed college in India.
  • I have studied there between 2005 to 2010 which I feel the best part of my life
  • My college is furnished with all the educational facilities such as big spacious and well ventilated classrooms, library with abundant books, well maintained laboratories with latest high-tech equipment. And yes, free Wi-Fi facility is also provided in my college.
  • Here, in my college, quality of teaching is at par.
  • The proficiency and knowledge of all the professors is at par in their relevant field.
  • The behavior of the teachers with students is also nice and amiable
  • All the students learn, read and play with great amenability.
  • My college also provides superb platform for extracurricular activities.
  • We have got one large playground for different outdoor games, a table tennis hall, a gym and separate reading room for the students who live in a hostel where we have subscription for most of the prominent newspapers and magazines in English, Hindi and Gujarati.
  • In my college the environment is not
  • Every professor and our principal are open minded and modern in thinking yet we are all adhered to our culture strongly.
  • I liked my college with all my heart.
  • I consider the time which I spent in my college the happiest of my life.

Band 7+ words in the above topic

Profoundly : Greatly, Extremely

Fortunate : Lucky 

Spacious : Having a big space

Abundant : plenty,Many

At par : Up to level

Amiable : friendly 

Prominent : Famous 

Orthodox : Narrow minded, believe in traditional rules, not modern.

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