Topic 24: Describe a child that you know.

Topic 24: Describe a child that you know.

You should say:

  • Who this child is and how often you see him or her?
  • How old this child is?
  • What he or she is like?
  • And explain what you feel about this child?

Sample answer.

  • Children are often considered to be the form of the god in some culture. They are also the messenger of the god who tells us with their childlike naivety and innocence that the world is not that much bad place to live.
  • If I talk about myself I adore every child I come across. We should spend at least few hours of our time with children.
  • This can give us relaxation and mental peace.
  • I would like to tell you about my nephew who is my elder brother’s son.
  • He lives with his mom and dad in my village just 20 miles away from my place.
  • I visit my village every Sunday and meet my nephew there.
  • He is 10 years old studying in 5th
  • He is slim in body and has cute face with long black hair.
  • He is a perfect mixture of mischief and intelligence.
  • He calls me ‘chachu’ and always gets ready to come with me wherever go.
  • Normally, He makes so much mischief all around the house, makes people confused with his silly questions. Together with this he comes up with good grades in school.
  • Apart from being good in study, He is also having a knack for co curricular and extracurricular activities in the school.
  • Last year he stood first in the guinea bag race in his school and second in chess completion.
  • He has got a compassionate heart too which is direct reflection of his mother, my sister in law.
  • He is my nephew but I consider him my son. I feel great affection for him.
  • I believe he would become a very successful individual, more importantly a good person in his life.


Band 7+ words in this speaking cue card

Naivety : innocence,foolishness.

Adore : Admire,love,respect.

Have a knack for something : Be good at doing something

Compassionate : Kind.

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