Speaking part 3 : Describe an idea you have had for improving something at school, college or work.

As discussed in previous articles speaking part 3 questions are slight difficult than part 1 questions. you can get by with it by continuous practice.

Here we would discuss part 3 questions for Describe an idea you have had for improving something at school, college or work.

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Follow up questions
What is important: Having new ideas or implementing them in practice?
Well, if you ask me, both are having their merits and drawbacks. Though, possessing some new ideas is essential, implementing them in practice is equally significant. But implementing the ideas is somewhat more important. It is generally seen that people possess some fantastic ideas but if they are not able to put them in practice they are wasted.

Some people think that ideas are more important than other parameters to get success in life such as hard work or integrity. Do you believe this statement?
As I have said in previous question, implementing the ideas is crucial. Anyone can have wild ideas which can change the world. At least the person thinks so. However, if he does not have the tenacity to do work and remain positive till the achievement that idea has not any worth.

Are new ideas accepted in your culture?
Frankly speaking, my culture is a bit conservative. It does not accept new ideas instantly. However, if the idea has the potential then the perception of the people can be changed.

Should our education encourage students to have their own ideas? Why?
Definitely, education has to accept and encourage new ideas. If Thomas Edison had not had the idea of enlightening the world in night just like the day. We still would have to use the lamp. So, the new ideas should always be welcomed by educational system as well as by society.

Do you think it is equally important in the work place? Should employers encourage their employees to have new ideas?
Yes, companies and organizations should encourage their employees to come up with new ideas. It is in the benefit of the organization. Sometime, lowest grade employee may have a good idea that can change the future of the company.

Do you think teachers can help the students to have their own ideas and share them as well? How?
I think the students should be encouraged to have new ideas from the very beginning of their learning process.Teachers can play a crucial role here. They can come with a situation or a problem and ask the students to give their opinions on that. By that way students would be aware about the problems and start to think the solution as well.