Speaking Part 3 : Describe a Restaurant You Enjoyed Going To.

In speaking module of IELTS, part 3 questions are vital to get higher band score because in this module the candidates’s overall fluency,knowledge and confidence are checked.Thus,it is vitally important that you prepare well for this section.I have gathered some handy questions in speaking part 3 for different cue cards.here in this article the speaking part 3 questions have been taken for the cue card Describe a Restaurant You Enjoyed Going To.

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Follow up questions.

Do people in your hometown go to restaurants for celebrating events? Why?

In my hometown people are outgoing and modern. They definitely like to go and celebrate different events in the restaurants. Apart from that. The restaurants in my hometown cater the gourmet people in the town. They offer wide variety of food with hygienic qualities and great service.

Which restaurants are more popular in your hometown, traditional restaurants, or fast-food restaurants?

Both sorts of restaurants enjoy approximately equal number of arc likers.the numbers of people who prefer traditional food or fast food remains more or less same. However, due to the fact that the people are nowadays remain busier. Fast food restaurants have gained a slight advantage recently.

Which age group, according to you, prefers to go to the restaurants more? Why?

Youngsters are prone to go to restaurants more as compared to old age people. Reasons are simple, in the first place, youngsters spend more time outside the home than old age people.

Secondly, Youngsters are more attracted towards restaurants mainly because of the taste of the food.

Food offered by restaurants is spicy and mouth watering which definitely fascinate the youngsters.

Why do the youngsters like to go to restaurants more?

Already covered in previous question.