Topic 13 : Describe a restaurant you enjoyed going to.

Describe a restaurant you enjoyed going to.

  • Where the restaurant was.
  • Why you chose this restaurant.
  • What type of food you ate in this restaurant.
  • And explain why you enjoyed eating in this restaurant.

Sample answer

  • In the present scenario, we are getting more and more busy in the race of going ahead and, we are getting less and less time for ourselves.
  • Even we give far less time in making food at home than we used to.
  • We enjoy eating out because it saves our time. More importantly it obviates our headache to make food at home.
  • In addition, in today’s scenario, plenty of good restaurants with abundant varieties are available in every street of towns and cities.
  • I enjoy going to different restaurants.
  • I have visited so many restaurants in my life.
  • But, I remember the restaurant which I had visited last Sunday due to numerous reasons.
  • This restaurant lies in the outskirts of my hometown. It is mainly popular for its serene calm surrounding.
  • We wanted to choose something which is away from city crowd and noise. So we have opted for this restaurant.
  • The restaurant provides varieties of foods from local to global. But the chef in this restaurant is specifically adroit in Punjabi dishes.
  • We ordered different paneer and green vegetables dishes.
  • We also enjoyed famous Punjabi lassi.
  • Obvious reason to enjoy in this restaurant is its greenery and serene environment.
  • Food is delicious and mouth watering too. Very few hotels provide such a delicious food in such low expense.
  • Apart from that, the service provided by hotel is really genuine and professional.
  • We did not have to wait for too long once we placed the order.
  • One waiter stood all the time beside us for taking care if we wanted something. However, he has got the decency to keep distance so that the privacy can be maintained.
  • So there were numerous reasons to enjoy in this hotel.
  • All in all it was a great time being spent there.

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