Speaking part 3 : Describe a piece of electronic equipment (mobile,computer and laptop excluded) which you find useful.

IELTS speaking Part 3 follow up questions.

IELTS speaking Part 3 questions.

In speaking module of IELTS, part 3 questions are vital to get higher band score because in this module the candidates’s overall fluency,knowledge and confidence are checked.Thus,it is vitally important that you prepare well for this section.I have gathered some handy questions in speaking part 3 for different cue cards.here in this article the speaking part 3 questions have been taken for the cue card Describe a piece of electronic equipment (mobile, computer and laptop excluded) which you find useful.

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1. Do you think we can live more happily without machines?

To some extent,yes.just like our ancestors. There is a joke spreading in social media that life used to be more easy when apple and berry were fruits.

Technology and machines have made our life upside down. we are surrounded badly by machines or we can say we have become slaves of machines. I ponder we can live far more happily if machines are not there.

2. What sorts of machines are used for homes nowadays?

All sorts of machines are used nowadays. Actually machines are omnipresent in today’s world.machines such as fridge,Television and electronic heater are widely used for domestic purpose. Whereas, computers and laptops dominate offices.

Machines are used immensely for literally every work nowadays.

3. Do you think machines are beneficial for people or not? why? why not ? 

Mixed perceptions exit for advantages and disadvantages of machines where advocates enumerate their benefits and opponents deny them.

But,if you ask me, machines are beneficial for people. It’s true that our ancestors used to live without them. However, they have become integral part of our generation. It will be an arduous task to live without them.

4. Do you think there will be more machines in future?

Obviously, the way people use them in present world. One cannot deny their immense importance and use in future as well. I reckon there will be huge number of machines in future.

5.Some people feel that technology has bad impact on people lives? Do you believe that? 

To certain extent,technology has a very bad impact on people’s life. Everybody is a beneficiary of the technology. yet all are victims too.

On the one hand,Technology has given us every comfort a man could get however, on the other hand,it has drastically affected our nature. Global warming,pollution and deforestation are the menace which have occurred due to the technology.

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