Speaking part 3 : Describe a friend of your family you remember from your childhood.

IELTS speaking Part 3 follow up questions.

IELTS speaking Part 3 follow up questions.

Suppose you have been asked “Describe a friend of your family you remember from your childhood” in part 2 of speaking test then part 3 questions could be like the following.

What do you think of qualities which make someone a good friend of a family?

Well, according to me, friendliness and helping nature of a person makes him a good friend of a family. There is a saying we all heard somewhere that friend in need is friend indeed. The friendship and friends are evaluated in the time of misery and struggle.

Secondly, his friendliness is also a major trait. How he copes up and gets along with other members of our family should be the first priority.

These are the qualities or traits we can look in to any person.

Who do you think should be given more importance, family for friends?

It is really hard to answer this question.I think both the family and friends possess great significance in our life.The family supports and nurtures us so we can sustain in the world.there has never been any alternative to family.however, friends are important too.they take away the loneliness.there are plenty of matters which we can ask to friends easily.

I reckon that both are very important part of our life and should not be compared with each other because both possess the value.

Do you see any difference when children make friends and adults make friends? what sort of difference?

There is a huge difference between when any child makes friends and when any mature person makes friend.

Children’s friendship is innocent friendship. It is beyond any prejudice that the person belongs to any cast, creed or religion. whether he is rich or poor.they just make friends on one basis that is love.if they find that they are getting along with other child they will make him friend.

On the contrary, mature person see these features when they want to become friends with someone.sometime they see the status of a person.sometime they see education or other material things.sometimes plenty of vested interest are also involved.

Do you think that the people from different ages can be good friends?

Of course,yes. it does not matter if your friend is of your age or not.age difference can not become the barrier between two persons to become friends if they share common ideas. If the perception and way of thinking matches than any persons can be friends even if they are not of same age.

What is the impact of good friends on our lives?

Good friends are like gems. hard to find. If a friend which you know is honest and good  you would also try to go up to his level.

  • There is a saying in my culture that if you put unripe pumpkin with ripe one then that unripe pumpkin  will  automatically ripe due to the effect of ripe one.

same way,friends with good character and integrity inspire us to become like them.they will encourage to get ahead and achieve success in our life.

Are social media friends true friends?

I don’t think so.Social media friends can never be your true friends. because they are not in direct contact with you. merely sending a request to someone or like someone’s photos  does not make him your true friend.Real friends have direct attachment,a kind of bonding with you.