Speaking part 3 : Describe a writer you would like to meet.

IELTS speaking Part 3 questions.

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Part 3 questions. 

What kinds of books are read most nowadays?

I think all sorts of books are read and enjoyed in present time. But, novels and fictional books related to fantasy and adventure are on the top. People have same monotonous daily activities every day. So when they read the adventure and thrill which is shown on these books they get excited and fresh.

Apart from that, novels based on love stories are also read the most because most of the people find love stories relevant to their life. Secondly, the language of love stories is easy to understand as compared to other genre such as crime, science fiction or history.

People are also interested in motivational books nowadays.

Are writers considered celebrities in your country? 

Of course, writers enjoy the same adulation and fan following just like the other celebrities such as sports or movie stars. International children best seller J.K.rolling and J.R.R martin are the prime example of this. Even writers like Chetan Bhagat in India has got huge fan following.

Do you think people like to read more nowadays than past? Why? Why not?

Yes, as far as I think, people read more than they used to in the past.

Because in present time, people are facing worst competition than ever to live a comfortable life. And when they get some leisure time from this hectic schedule they must be having something to get refreshment.

Moreover, people want to get ahead in their life. This is also the chief reason why people nowadays read more than past.

You can speak same answer negatively.

No, people do not read more nowadays than past because nowadays people are having so many other distractions. Mobiles and computers eat up most of the time of people nowadays. And with the availability of many video applications and social media, people spend too little time for reading.

What, according to you, do people read nowadays, Newspapers, magazines or books? 

Well, it depends on person’s interest and his field. Some people prefer newspapers, other magazines. Still some people who prefer to read novels and books.

There are the people who prefer all of them but what they would read depends on the mood, location and also on time. For example, when before sleeping people normally prefer to read books whereas newspapers are generally read in the morning to get updated.

If someone is travelling he may prefer a magazine.

 What kinds of books are popular in children nowadays? Why do you think so?

Children are always same whether from the past or present. They always like books on magic and fantasy. The comic books are always loved by children. However, today’s trend has somewhat shifted to superhero books and comics. I think children love to read these books because children are adventurous by nature and when they read adventures of these superheroes they get excited.

 Is there any difference between liking of adults and children?

Certainly, there is a huge difference between liking of children and adults. The children are fascinated about fantasy books. On the other hand, adults do not find them interesting. They are more interested in some serious books such as non fictions and biographies of great people. Some adults are also interested in motivational books and romantic novels.

Do you think children read more often nowadays? Why? Why not?

It is not that much easy to say whether the children of previous generation read more or today’s generation. However, comparatively, children todays spend little time on reading because there are plenty of other distraction they have such as mobile phones, games and social media.  They are busier nowadays to use gadgets.

What can be done to encourage them to read more?

It is a saying that children become readers in their parents lap. So as per my thinking the best way to make children read are their parents taking interest in reading. They have to put aside their mobile phones and spend some quality time sharing ideas of different reading to the children.

Apart from that, libraries should be increased in schools and the specific time should be devoted to reading in schools where children are encouraged to read some books and give the presentation.

Are there any occasions when reading at a speed is a good skill to have?

There are many occasions where reading at speed is definitely a brilliant skill to have. For example, at certain higher authority government jobs where the officer has to go through with so any documents at that time reading at speed and with comprehension is a very good skill to have.

In addition, people involve in news agency such as news reader and anchor has to read a lot of documents so they also require speed reading.

Are there any jobs which involve lot of reading? What are they?

Generally all jobs require more or less reading.however, jobs which require abundant reading is the job of authors and writer. As they are in a profession of giving frequent writing to their audience. It is the requirement for them to read plenty of things to get new ideas as well as to get the strong command over the language.

Apart from that, government officers job also require plenty of reading. They have to read various documents regarding different things happened

Lawyers, specifically famous and experienced ones, have to read a lot

What is the difference between fiction and nonfiction books?

Fictional books are the books such as novels and story books which involve imagination of a writer. In this kind of books writers take us in the adventure of his specific world where plenty of characters meet, fight and love each other.

Whereas, nonfiction books are close to realty. Whatever happened actually is taken in nonfiction books such as biographies.  The books which are written on history and politics and various other subjects are considered nonfiction books.

Do you think reading novels is more interesting than reading a factual books?

Yes, to certain extent. Novels contain intriguing stories with different characters with which you feel like you live a parallel life. Readers have vicarious feeling. On the other hand, factual books contain real facts and things happen so they may not be that much interesting.

Moreover, the language in novels is comparatively easy to the factual books. This may be the reason why novels are liked by more people.