Speaking part 3 : Describe a writer you would like to meet.

Here we are taking ielts speaking part 3 questions for the topic “describe a writer you would like to meet.” suppose you have been asked this topic in part 2 then part 3 questions could be like below.

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Part 3 questions. 

What kinds of books are read most nowadays?

I think all sorts of books are read and enjoyed in present time. But, love stories are on the top.love stories are read the most because most of the people find love stories relevant to their life. secondly, the language of love stories are easy to understand as compared to other genre such as crime ,science fiction or history.

Do you think writers are considered celebrities? 

Of course, writers enjoy the same adulation and fan following just like the other celebrities such as sports or movie stars. International children best seller J.K.rolling and J.R.R martin are the prime example of this. Even writers like Chetan Bhagat in India has got huge fan following.

Do you think people like to read more nowadays than past? Why? Why not?

Yes, as far as I think people read more than they used to in the past.

Because in present time, people are facing worst competition than ever to live a comfortable life. and when they get some leisure time from this hectic schedule they must be having something to get refreshment.

Moreover, people want to get ahead in their life. This is also the chief reason why people nowadays read more than past.

What, according to you, do people read nowadays, Newspapers, magazines or books? 

Well, it depends on who is reading and varies accordingly. It depends on person’s interest and his field. Some people prefer newspapers, other magazines. Still some people who prefer to read novels and books.

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