Speaking part 3 : Describe a meeting you have attended.


Suppose you have been asked about describing a meeting in part 2. then follow up questions could like below.

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Part 3 questions :

What kind of meetings do people attend nowadays?

People attend mainly two types of meetings. One is formal meetings which can also be called business meetings. Others are social meetings where people meet with family, relatives or friends.

What is the difference between these two meetings?

Well, formal or business meetings are the meetings which are arranged mainly for business purpose like selling or presenting new products or services or making some deals between two companies or professionals.

On the other hand, social meetings and gatherings are the meetings where people meet for refreshment or enjoyment.

Do you think meetings are essential?

Certainly, meetings are enormously important. It is useful for healthy business relationship. By meetings, people can come in contact with each other, share their ideas with other people and learn plenty of new ideas.

Why do some people love to go to meetings while others hate it?

Well, it depends on people’s attitudes. Some people long for knowledge thus they like going to meetings. Others, on the other hand, hate it, may be because of their laziness or they do not want to learn anything.

Why are some people late in the meetings? Do you think they do this intentionally?  

Possibly, some people possess the perception that they would become the attraction of the people if they get late to the meetings.

I think, not all people attend the meetings late intentionally. There may be some people who do this however, there may be some other situations of getting late in the meetings.

What about the impact of being late in the meetings? 

The impact of being late is definitely not impressive. No one would like to wait for too long. If someone is late for any meetings. He may lose the credibility of other people.It is also possible that you lose significant financial deal.