Topic 7 : Describe an important choice/decision you had to make in life.

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Describe an important choice/decision you had to make in life.

You should include. 

  • When you had made that choice ?
  • Why you had made that choice ?
  • Did you face any difficulties ? what is the impact of that decision on your life ?
  • And explain why do you feel that was the wise decision ?

Sample answer 1  : Band value : 7.5 +

Back ground

  • I have heard myriad times from my elders that our decisions decide what our fate would be.
  • Every person, in his life, has to make certain selections either for him or for others and those choices have to be made with discretion because sometime a person’s whole life may depend on that.
  • In my life, I have made plenty of decisions. Some are good where others are horrible.
  • But, I am very happy that I have the courage to make decision of my own.

When you had made that choice?

  • One such decision I remember which I had to make when I passed 10th standard.
  • I cleared my S.S.C with 90 % marks.

Why you had made that choice?

  • It is really very difficult task to do something unorthodox when the people surrounds you have stereotype mindset.
  • My home town has got a trend that a person who got this much marks would always pursue science.
  •  So it is obvious that everyone expects me to study in science field.
  • However, I have always been interested in art and literature. So I have decided to join faculty of arts.

Did you face any difficulties? What is the impact of that decision on your life?

  • When I discussed it with my family. They were all angry with me. They opposed my decision.
  • I could not find even a single friend or relative who could back me up on this decision.
  • Everyone was worried because as far as the income is concerned arts faculty has got low potential.
  • Still, as I was so interested in it I thought it would be better to pursue a career in which you are interested. It was a tough deal. Yet, I made it.
  • And, now after 5 years of that decision being taken, I think that decision was bold yet discreet.
  • Due to that decision I enjoy my life fully. I pursued my career for which I had a fascination.
  • To outside world, I may seem less successful but as far as the happiness is concerned I enjoy each moment of my life because my hobby is my job.

And explain why do you feel that was the wise decision?

  • As I have mentioned it was a tough task to break the traditional notion and work on something which you feel best for you.
  • I have decided to study what I wanted and I see the good results of that.
  • I cleared my graduation with distinction grades.
  • I always think that my life may have been more successful if I had taken science. But, I doubt whether it would be happy.
  • So, all in all I feel the decision I have taken was the wisest at least for the betterment of my life.

Sample answer 2

I have made many decisions in my life and some of them were really backbreaking for me, I have taken those decisions sometimes alone and sometimes discussing with my parents and friends.

The decision that seems crucial to me was the time when I decided to pursue commerce rather than law.

My mother wanted me to get admitted to the Gujarat University for LLB and do my graduation in LLB while my fascination was studying in Bachelors of commerce.

I had made this decision on my own when I was just 18 years old and at the same time I had finished my 12th grade.

My dad had not forced me to do anything, instead, he told me to do what I thought was best for me and for my brighter future.

My neighbors even some of my friends thought that I was a fool and too immature to make that big decision for myself.
Nonetheless, after considering several troubles and perspectives I had decided to get myself admitted in a university that offers best graduation in Bachelors in commerce.

I am happy that I made this decision. I am yet to finish my graduation but throughout the last 3 years I have enjoyed studying advanced level of commerce and I am doing quite well academically.
Making the decision is not really piece of cake and I had to go through an arduous time.

I did fight a lot with my inner self and then convinced my mother to let me do what I really wanted to do. There has always been a danger of failing when you choose alternatives for you. The decision which I made was my own. My parents would have gone berserk   if I had not made a promising result.

I can remember the suspicious feelings I had at that time. Sometimes it seemed to me that I should leave my passion and yield to my parent’s decision but then again I strongly felt I should stick for my own choice and passion.

Since, I had made my own decision at that time and I strongly worked on myself that I have to do my best and I am happy that I took my decision and doing great so far.

Band 8+ vocabulary for IELTS speaking cue cards 

Unorthodox: Opposite to traditional views and beliefs

Pursue: Follow a plan or study with working hard

Backbreaking: hard task, very difficult to do.

Fascination: interest, passion

Piece of cake: a task which is really easy to do.

Crucial: very important

Arduous: difficult, a task which requires a lot effort.

Berserk: Furious and angry

Suspicious: dubious, doubtful

Yield : Surrender


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