Topic 7 : Describe an important choice/decision you had to make in life.

Describe an important choice/decision you had to make in life.

You should include. 

  • When you had made that choice ?
  • Why you had made that choice ?
  • Did you face any difficulties ? what is the impact of that decision on your life ?
  • And explain why do you feel that was the wise decision ?

Sample answer.

  • It is written somewhere that our decisions decide what our fate would be.
  • Every person, in his life, has to make certain selections either for him or for others and those choices have to be made with discretion because sometime a person’s whole life may be depended on that.
  • In my life, I have made plenty of decisions. Some are good where others are horrible.
  • But, I am very happy that I have the courage to make decision of my own.
  • One such choice I remember which I had to make when I passed 10th standard.
  • Well, it is not good to praise oneself. But I am a gold medalist in my college.
  • But here it is relevant that’s why I have revealed that .
  • I passed my s.s.c with 90 % marks. so it is obvious that everyone expects me to study in science field.
  • Because in my hometown students who get 90% and above marks would join science.
  • However, I have always been interested in art and literature.So I have decided to join arts faculty not even commerce.
  • When I discussed it with my family. They were all angry with me. They opposed my decision.
  • I could not find even a single friend or relative who could back me up on this decision.
  • Everyone was worried because as far as the income is concerned arts faculty has got low potential.
  • Still, as I was so interested in it I thought it would be better to pursue a career in which you are interested. It was a tough deal. Yet, I made it.
  • And, now after 5 years of that decision being taken, I think that decision was bold yet discreet.
  • Due to that decision I enjoy my life fully. I pursued my career for which I had a fascination.
  • To outside world, I may seem less successful but as far as the happiness is concerned I enjoy each moment of my life because my hobby is my job.

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