Topic 5 : Describe a country you would like to visit.

Describe a country you would like to visit.

You should include.

  • Which country is it ?
  • Where did you hear about this country ?
  • What would you see and do there?
  • And explain,Why this country is so special for visitors ?

 Sample answer.  

  • Well, I am a travel freak person. I am bitten by travel bug.
  • I have a fascination for visiting different places.
  • Though, I have not visited many countries abroad. I have a wish to visit so many countries.
  • There are myriad countries in the world with different attractions like serene countryside, enthralling natural views, sky high buildings, fascinating night life, and strong historical and cultural background.
  • My first choice among all these attractions is Switzerland.
  • I have heard about it from my friends and seen it in Hollywood and Bollywood movies.
  • It is located in the continent of Europe.
  • This country is considered the heaven on the earth with rich flora, panoramic natural views and Serene Country side.
  • I would like to see these this heaven on the earth.
  • I would also like to see famous Swiss bank.
  • Due to these reasons, I assume it must be attracting different people around the world such as writers, photographers and the people who are admirer of nature.
  • I am not any of them. Still, I would definitely like to visit this country.
  • I have heard that it is the finest democracy in the world where every decision is taken by the people.
  • If people want to change the law they can change it by referendum.
  • I have also heard that people of Switzerland are amiable with foreigners specifically with Indians.
  • It is mostly famous for its green, natural, fantastic views.
  • I have also heard that it is having prosperous industries.
  • It has got minimum crime ratio.
  • I hope one day my dream will come true.

As discussed earlier this is only the sample answer. In ielts exam original content fetches maximum score. So please don’t merely copy this sample answer.

  • You can use the ideas if you like.
  • Pay attention to the words which have been used here.
  • Try to use them in your own sentences.
  • Practice them daily.

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