Topic 14 : Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing.

IELTS speaking cue card : Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing.

Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing.

  • What kind of game or sport it is.
  • Who you play it with.
  • Where you play it.
  • And explain why you enjoy it so much.

Sample answer 1.

Back ground

  • Sports and games are vital in many ways.
  • The sport is useful if the purpose is only refreshment. Moreover, it is immensely beneficial for people who desire health and fitness.
  • Apart from that, it is great as a leisure activity.

What kind of game or sport it is.

  • I play many indoor games such as table tennis, carom board and pool.
  • However, I enjoy outdoor games more. I enjoy playing cricket and foot ball.
  • Among all the games, cricket is all time favorite of mine. I have been playing it since my childhood.
  • Actually, I am bitten by cricket bug.
  • Cricket is played in every single corner of India. Moreover, it is considered as a religion in India.

Who you play it with and where you play it.

  • I generally play cricket with my friends in the playground near my home.
  • Sometime we play it in our society also. It is called gully cricket- the game which is played in the streets.
  • We never miss a single opportunity to play cricket everyday in the morning as well as in the evening.

And explain why you enjoy it so much.

  • Myriad reasons can be given for loving and enjoying this game.
  • In the first place, it is simple game which doesn’t require much equipment.
  • Though professional players of cricket require plenty of instruments, when we play it for fun we just require bat and ball.
  • To obtain these things are quite easy. You don’t have to spend too much money for this.
  • Secondly, cricket incites energy in us when we play it. By playing cricket we can feel the energy in us. Every part of it, whether it is batting, bowling or fielding, gives us excitement and energy.
  • Furthermore, cricket is played in teams hence it also encourages team spirit in us.
  • Cricket is really a gentlemen game.

Sample answer 2

Sports play enormous role in our life, we can say that it is part of our life. Due to the sports we can get so many benefits. Games and sports are prominent in many ways too.

Mostly people play any kind of sports as a leisure activity or for refreshment. But for some people it becomes necessity of life. Moreover, people who want to get good health and fitness, sports have huge benefits. Also some people get name and fame because of playing games nationally and internationally.

I play many indoor and outdoor games. In indoor games I like carom, chess, cards, table tennis. If I show my keen interest in outdoor games then I enjoy cricket, volleyball, football, kabbadi.

Both types of games have their own importance; however I most like to play cricket from outdoor games. I used to play it since my childhood.  In the every corner of the world it is played by each age group. Myriad of reasons can be seen for loving and enjoying this game.

At every evening after finishing my most of work I play cricket with friends in the playground near my home to reduce stress of my work.

I am crazy to play it very often due to many reasons, like it requires less equipment if we play it in gully. Though professional players of this game require plenty of instruments. We play it for just refreshment and fun so we do not need much rather than bat and ball.

In the childhood I and my siblings played it in our vacation.

From that time I like it to play. I really enjoy to play cricket because it gives us physical strength, strong concentration power, maintain our body too. So, some people consider as a physical exercise and play it very enthusiastically. Especially I like it because of its team spirit. It always play in team.

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