Levels of youth are increasing rapidly in most cities around the world. IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer

Levels of youth are increasing rapidly in most cities around the world. IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer

Levels of youth are increasing rapidly in most cities around the world. What are the reasons for this, and suggest some solutions.


Sample Answer: 1

One of the major the world is facing in the current time is the crime among young people. The levels of youth crimes are rising day by day in most of the cities of world which is a negative sign in this rapidly growing world. There are several reasons for it and a few solutions to resolve this problem.

To begin with, the major cause for it can be the lack of education in the youth. The problem of illiteracy and lack of awareness about the rules and regulations have a significant role in the rapidly increasing crime cases. Basic education is provided by school about the science and language but it lack real life lessons and behavior due to which youngster take a wrong path and involve in criminal actives. Especially the poor youth of cities who can’t afford education unknowingly and sometimes forced to join criminal activities.

Furthermore, the unemployment and the bad environment around the youth influence them to do certain actives. The over population of cities comes with a big problem of unemployment, these unemployed young people who can’t find a job involve in criminal activities. Additionally, the bad influences of friends doing such malicious activities also affect the young. The people around you will decide who you will be in the future, therefore having a bad company of friends – which is considered cool by many youngsters – influence them to do criminal acts.

However, education, creating a number of jobs and improving the system by make the rules and laws strict can assist a lot in this increasing problem. Education is a common solution for almost every problem currently prevails in the society. With education with the youth are provided will decent jobs they will not involve in such activities. Furthermore if the state improves the system by imposing strict laws and regulations. It will be best solution for this problem.

So it is one of the major problems in the society and can be solved with the co-operation of state and people. They just have to distract youth for certain acts by providing then better life.

Sample answer: 2

In a last decade, the youth crimes are dramatically increased in most cities of the world. Many factors and reasons those are responsible for raising the level of the youth crime. In this essay, we will discuss the reasons and the solutions of it.

The main reason of the youth crime is that poverty and unemployment. Due to these, they could not get the job easily so, survival could be tough without money and it leads to criminal activities like robbery and theft. Many African countries are facing this problems and it becomes a serious issue for the world.

Moreover, another reason is that the family background and friend circle, among one of them is involving into crime such as in case of drugs and drinks.

In addition, the political status and judiciary system also play vital role on the mindset of the youth. If a country’s judiciary systems have much interference of political party then it could be a consequential matter for the development of the new generations. In last, the influence of criminal based TV shows, web series and movies are motivated them.

There are several solutions for preventing youth from crime. First, Government should provide free educations and more employment into every field; hence poverty rate can be decreased. Second, parents and society should be supportive and loving towards their teenager or younger children. They have to believe in them. Give a chance or opportunity to those who caught in a crime. Some organizations are trying to arrange awareness program and seminars.

To sum up, youth are the future of the country, therefore society has responsibilities to socialize with great patience and love to youngsters.


Sample answer: 3

Increasing numbers of crime in youth shows that our advanced world isbeing dragged back towards the ancient time where people were killed by other people just for few money or things. Our youth is influenced to committee crimes through some sources which are mentioned below and I will give the best possible solutions which will help to make this case least.

Firstly, our youngsters are influenced by violence films which are made by film industries. Killing scenes are shown in films which influences negatively on youth although this kind of scene are viewed most. According a survey approximately 85%people learn doing crime from films and web series. For instance in local region of India namely Punjab, a 13 years old boy was killed by his own brother just because he was not giving a TV remote to him. Who is responsible for that? Careless of their parents and thins that they learnt from films.

The only solution is that this kind of films and web series should be banned or restricted for age under 18. Also parents should be more careful about their children’s activities.

Another crucial reason is, growing competition which is taken wrong by our youth. Youngsters want to be milliners over a night so they are searching very short ways for that and as a result they are offered by some gangsters or killers to committee a crime just for money and usually they do such crimes in greed of money. So many cases can be seen. UK government kept some around 75 gangs around a word who did the same thing and encouraged children to committee crimes.

Solutions for this will be, that children should awarded well by their parents, society and schools also on doing good things so they will stay from bad things. In addition some chapters on crime topic should be taught in schools or other institutes. However if any boy do any crime then don’t be so pathetic be friendly with him and teach him careful so he will never do it again.

To conclude, there are so many ways to stop it but it depends how we guide our children and all the offered  solutions given here are enough which will help to stop it at some extended.


Sample answer: 4

Over the recent decades, it is argued that crime commitment rate of youngsters has been increasing rapidly. There is no doubt that crime is one of the major problems of government increasing number of children commitment crime in cross the world in this essay. I considered the reasons for his and suggested the solutions.

In reasons, firstly the poverty is main factor of children commitment crime because of they have no money to study. The government has limited resources and with larger number of poverty the resources per individual is decreasing this encourages the youth for crime. For example in India up has the most percent of crime because of up has more poverty than any other state and they have gain criminal thought outs. Some comedian told that in other state after 18 year. Completed, they went for date with girl and in up after 18 years completed they went for date in court the main factors for youngsters violence action are poor education socioeconomic status, neglected mind thoughts.

However there are ways to tackle such issues it is important not to forget that child is not born with criminal thoughts so it is suggested that parents should have a cow seller especially when the children are growing up into teenagers the way parents treat teenagers during that period of time is highly critical government should bring seriously punishment and regulations so that they may defer tears form crime.

To conclude, unless efforts are made by the government this problem will only bad the solution to reducing crime is, controlling the people living in poverty.


Sample answer: 5

Nowadays, crime is the most important issue and concern of every single person. Especially, the levels of juvenile crimes are boosting in most of the cities around the globe and behind this situation many factors are responsible. There are some reasons behind hype of this situation and in this essay we will discuss these reasons and some measures for tackle this problem.

First and foremost, the poor relationship between parents. If parents have problems in their life then this thing indirectly impact on their child’s life and this whole situation influence in bad way or sometime they do crime or bad thing in their life with any family member or with any stranger. Indeed, poor relationship between parents and children cause the rate of crime significantly increase. Having busy seclude of parents, they less or do not concentrate on their children about interests and goals. And, these create hurdles for both and importantly their children and they influence do crime and that’s why the ratio of crime is increase day-by-day.

Second, reason is advance technology and plethora of electronic instruments which helpful to everyone. Anyone seat any corner in any place and with the one touch these get all information with full detail in almost everything. Therefore, the major thing of increasing crime among younger generation.

On the other hand, there are many suggestion and solution of this particular situation. Firstly, government makes some strict rules and regulation about maintaining the situation. Because, they have authority to make rules and also they put on public to follow, so, this is the best way to make rules by government and diminish the rate of crime. Most of the horrible crimes which youngsters committed just because of lack of knowledge so teachers and parents are responsible for their peer knowledge in different field or issues and also they have responsible for giving them knowledge about this all things. Through the kind of solutions we reduce the ratio of crime in all over the world.

In conclusion, in my opinion, there are several reasons responsible behind increasing crime in current time. And, there are many measures also available for tackle this situation but the most important factors are government, teachers and parents and they should take some actions to aware the youth or children and improve or reduce the ratio of crime or this specific situation.


Sample answer: 6

There is no doubt that criminal activities have increased rapidly especially in teenagers there are plenty of reasons behind this increasing ratio and some solutions will be illustrated for preventing these activities.

In the first place, there are ample of causes for this problem all of them most effective factors for increasing the crime ratio in youth is television shows because nowadays, youngster are more fascinated in crime dramas and obviously that it gives vast negative influence of them. Plus they learn same crime as seen in TV or video.

Apart from that, law education in public is also responsible for these crimes there are ample of cities of the world where education level in juvenile is not good therefore they are not aware about punishment on doing crime that is why they commit crime in society without any fear.

There are quite few possible solutions to overcome this crucial situation. Primarily, any children does not born with any type of criminal tendencies so, for stopping crime in young ester government should take some action against film industry which makes crime movies and spread negative message in society. Due to this, if they do not realize any crime movies then, definitely the crime ratio will be decreased.

Another way is that, if education system will be improved, it obviously, prevents crime. Because people become more aware about crime and penalty for break law. So they think too much before commit crime.

To sum up, there are many reasons which are responsible for increasing youth crime. Although as mentioned, there are some ways for preventing these kinds of activities in world.