IELTS Speaking part 1 : Topic 1 to 5

We all know that IELTS speaking has three sections or parts.Part 1 is the easiest of all which gives the candidate an opportunity to speak with confidence and impress the examiner.

In ielts exam a candidate can be asked anything.There is nothing like certain topics are more frequent than others.or even if they are,students,who want to get 6.5 or more than that,should not rely on few speaking topics.We have to be prepared for as many topics as possible.

Here in this category we are going to see questions on different speaking topics which is asked in ielts exam.

For your convenience it has been divided in different articles which contain various topics and the questions and answers related to those topics. By reading these samples you will get fair idea how can you give response when you are asked the questions.

Remember these sample answers are not for should only get the ideas. search other websites too for more ideas.

So, here we go.

Introduce yourself.

What would you like me to call you ? or What is your name?

My  first name is Mukesh and last name is Parmar. But, You can call me Mukesh.

Does your name have any special meaning ? 

Yes, my name has a special meaning.It is actually a combination of two Sanskrit words the meaning of which is ‘the God’

How does people choose a name of a baby in your country ?

In my country, generally,an aunt chooses a name for a baby. sometimes,it is decided by asking relatives and friends.

Hometown :

Where do you live?

I live in a Small town, Palanpur. It is in the northern part of Gujarat,one of the state of India. My hometown is calm and serene town with the population of no more than one hundred thousand.

What is so special about your hometown?

My home town is a historical city. It is believed that one famous emperor Sidhhraj Jaysinh was born in my hometown.So it has got a historical importance.Apart from that,it is famous for two main things. one is diamond and other is scent.

Can you compare your home town with any other city or town?

Personally, I do not believe in comparing town or cities because every town is beautiful and best in its  own way.Every city has its importance.Still, if I am to compare,I would compare my hometown with Ahmadabad,the most important city of Gujarat. Ahmadabad is comparatively larger than my home town and can boast of skyrocketed buildings,wide roads and huge malls.however,my how town is also furnished with every facilities of any mega city or town.

Have you ever thought of moving from your home town? If yes why? If not why not?

Yes, before three years I had thought of moving to Ahmadabad because of the opportunity it would provide. but that plan had to be put on hold due to some circumstances.Now, I live in my hometown.

Is your hometown furnished with  facilities?

Yes,of course, It is furnished with good roads, well equipped schools, colleges and hospitals. It is also furnished with beautiful parks, tall buildings and many other educational and recreational institutes.

  1. Family

How many members are there in your family ?

There are 4 members in my family. I, mom, dad and one sweet younger sister.

My father is a government employee. He has been doing his job for 20 years. He is a hard worker and honest person. My mother is a housewife with a very compassionate heart and workaholic mind. My sister is studying in 12th standard.

Do your grandparents live with you ?

No, I wish they would live with me. however, they prefer rather noise free and serene environment of they live in my hometown. however, they come every month to give their love and affection to us.

Do your family members get along with each other ?

Of course,yes, We are emotionally attached to each other. There is a strong sense of responsibility and mutual understanding is the evidence in my family. I feel profoundly privileged to have such a family.

Do you think family’s support  is important for getting ahead in life ?

There is a saying that if world is against you but your family supports you, you can do definitely  family support is vital to get ahead in life.

Who is the closest to you among your family members ?

Well,all members of my family is close to my heart.but, i feel my mom has same mindset and personality as I. in that sense I am having more conversation and spending more time with my mom as compared to any other members of my family.

  1. Goal in life

What is your Goal in life? 

Presently, I am running my institute. I have always been interested in becoming an entrepreneur. Now, I want to go ahead in educational business and serve the society by teaching and motivating students.

Do you think goal is important in life to go ahead? 

Yes,it is an important part of life. Everyone should decide what he wants to accomplish. it is difficult to achieve success in life without goal.

What is the difference between short term goals and long term goals ?

Well,as the name suggests,the short term goals are the goals taken for the period of short time.whereas, the long term goals are planned for longer span time.

What is the influence of family on achieving goals ?

Family has got enormous impact on  achieving any is the back bone any person who wants to go ahead in life. a well maintained positive environment provided by the family can leverage many hurdles.

What is the influence of friends on achieving goals ?

Just like the family,friends too play a significant role in helping us to accomplished the goals.We spend much time with friends than it is obvious we learn much from friends. good friends always uplift the moral of people. in that way,they have got huge impact.

Do you think dreams and goals are different ?

Technically, there is not much difference between goals and dreams. however, one definition I have read which differentiate the dreams and goals suggests that the dreams become goals when you put a date on it.

  1. Leisure time activities.

 What do you do in your leisure/spare time?

I don’t get much time for leisure as most of the time I am busy with my work. However, whenever I get time I read. Reading has always been a favorite past time for me.I read Novels, Newspapers, Magazines and other good sources of reading. Sometime I go to meet friends and relatives.I also enjoy watching movies and playing cricket.

How do people spend evening time in your hometown ?

Normally, people meet with each other in various places such as garden where they play some games.Some people pass time by casual chatting at any tea stall.Some people also go for a walk.

Is there any difference between leisure activity of men and women?

yes, men and women do not think in the same obviously, the time spending on leisure could not be prefer to spend the time outside and away from the home where they can have a cup of tea with friendly gossip or they would play outdoor games. on the other hand,women like to stay at home and watch tv.

Do you have recreational clubs in your home town ?

My home town is not having clubs like the metrocity.However,it has some beautiful gardens and awesome countryside where people can enjoy far better than clubs.