In their advertising, businesses nowadays usually emphasize that their products are new in some way.

In their advertising, businesses nowadays usually emphasize that their products are new in some way.

Why is this? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?


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In the present time, advertisements are merely the attraction, nothing sells without a fascinating advertisement. Brands emphasize new elements in their products and services more often to get ahead in the highly competitive market. This can lead to both negative and positive developments to advertisements and markets.

Firstly, the overemphasize of products and services are considered as gimmicks, used merely to attract the consumers. Brands try to attract the consumers by adding certain elements to the products which are neither necessary nor beneficial and sometimes even bad for the product. For example cosmetic companies had been caught promoting their product by advertising some new hair product which contains parables. Parables are actually not good for hair. So, these kinds of gimmicks leave a negative impact.

Additionally, it had been noticed that brands over emphasize by giving additional 10 to 20% extra with the product, especially in the packet food industry, as most of them increase the high size of the packaging not the product. It is not good for the consumer as the consumer buy considering higher quantity but in real it’s the size of packet is what increased not the quantity of product. Example some chips brands offer some extra as offers but merely increase the size of packet and fill it up with air. These gimmicks have negative impacts on the consumer about the brands.

On the other hand, few products are actually improved and offer something new and different from their peer competitors. There are some brands which constantly works on the research and development which really offers something new to the market. Some mobile brands recently offer smart phones at very affordable price than their competitors. Advertisements of such products are very positive as such products bring a positive change to market.

To conclude, Over emphasize of products in advertisements have its own merits and demerits. In my opinion, the gimmicks should be avoided and the real and impactful changes brought into the product and services should be advertised well. Over emphasize should not be done just for increasing the sales.

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Advertising is a creative form of modern industry. Advertisement plays vital role to promote businesses. In the advertising, many businesses manipulate their products in a different way. There are many reasons behind that.

Change is a law of nature. So that people are easily influenced when they see any new things.  i think, business people keep this thought in their mind so that they want to advertise their products in a different ways. In addition all people want to change in their life. They become easily frustrated through routine things so that if company launch new model of any products which benefits for company.

It has both negative and positive impacts. Firstly, when we think of positive side, for launching new model of any products to invest new ideas are essential which required hard working. Because of hardworking, companies have more new ideas as well as promote advanced technology which helps to make people’s life easy.

On the other hand, it also has negative impacts. Such as some time. Company only think about own profit So that they neglect to think about public benefits. Sometime they manipulate their products without thinking adverse effect and they show only positive side of things which influence people easily and waste their money on unnecessary things.

Over all, advertising is very important for promoting businesses but emphasizing the products have both the positive and negative impact so that during manipulating own things to think about impact on people is also necessary.

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Advertising plays crucial role to launch any products in various platforms. In recent, company shows their product in a different way through plethora of factors which affect directly on the mind of people and influenced them to buy these items as these are modified in some way and better for using as compared to the past. As per my perspective this phenomenon has merits and demerits too.

To embark with, plenty of benefits are there for companies while advertising same product with new features, getting more profit is one of them. People are awarded through the advertisement that products have new features too so they are more likely to buy this product as people get bored from using same product as well as feel sad due to less effect from the old item hence there are much chances of selling same things which are infamous at one time and hard to sell it.

On the flip side, these emphasizing advertisements might have some drawbacks too; these ads may become annoying for the people which are the factor of negative development. It generally sounds that company always re-launch the items which are infamous, however sometime people bored to watch these ads repeatedly so it is useless to re-launch the products which are not purchased by the people. Moreover, this type of action can lead to the dissatisfaction of the consumers even it might affect on the other products which are sold by the same company as people lost their interest in particular brand of the item.

In conclusion, re-launch the products with new features have benefits as well as disadvantage too, due to the interest of people regarding to the products which affect truly on the purchasing same items or different item.