Some people say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Sample answer 

In the world full of advertisements, it has become impossible for the consumers to take their eyes off them. The main idea of the advertisement is to persuade the consumer to buy the products. However, some believe that advertisements are now unable to persuade the consumers. In my opinion both the points are true to some extent and we have to discuss the views before reaching any conclusion.

Power of advertisement still holds a great influence on the buyer which could be seen in the sky rocketing sales of the companies with good advertisement and marketing network. The sales of the companies even with average products, immensely increases when compared to their peers. The obvious reason is the   manipulation through advertisements which make the consumer buy the product even it was never required.

On the other hand, there is a notion that persuasion power of advertisements have vanished because the consumers have become more aware and smart about the products and markets. In contrast of the high sales, there are few cases in which instead of having some amazing advertising strategies, the company went bankrupt merely because of their bad products. Consumers are intelligent enough that they do not get persuaded by advertisements.

In my opinion, both the views have very string points however I believe that “good advertisement kills a bad product”. Definitely, it is easy to persuade consumer through advertisements but if the products and services are weak it would not last for long time. However, some sections for example the kids industry are easy to manipulate through advertisements but the other sectors of the market require good product with good advertisement.

Concluding  both views, we can say that advertisements will never lose their power to persuade people however, a good advertise cannot persuade the consumer alone, a good product is also required to compliment it.

Sample Answer: 2

Advertisement is an industry of creativity nowadays, for promoting own products, in all type of businesses are used method of advertisement some people believe that advertising can easily influence persons for buying things. When other people believe that nowadays. Advertising become common method so that advertising lose its ability of attracting audience.

Firstly, in recent time advertisements use successful persons for advertising products so that local people easily attract to ward products which are advertised by their idol persons. One of example people becomes more materialistic. They but many unnecessary products due to impact of advertisement. Another is, people become more serious toward beauty products and in some society, people are judged by their skin color which i result of negative impact of advertising of beauty product on society.

On the other hand, in advanced world. To attract local people toward own products through advertisement become most common method. Nowadays, most of people become aware about negative impact of advertising on society so that they can be not easily influenced by advertising. They cannot easily put trust on the quality of products which are shown in advertise.

According to my perspective view, advertise success at a good level for attracting people toward own products and obtaining profit in own businesses. Because of advertisement is one of the ways through which industries can give information about their new products.

Overall, in recent time advertising become common in society but to use advertising for promoting products in all field, it is best example which proof success rate of advertises for attracting people toward things.