Topic 27 : Describe a teacher who has influenced you in your education.

Topic 27 : Describe a teacher who has influenced you in your education.

  • Which subjects did he teach?
  • How did you come to know him?
  • What was his teaching method?
  • And explain why you did like him?

Sample  answer.

  • Teachers play vital role for society by teaching and inspiring their students.
  • There is a saying in my mother tongue, you can learn plenty of things but it remains unfinished if you do not have a teacher.
  • In our culture, ‘Chanakya’ and ‘Dronacharya’ are the greatest example of eminent
  • I have come across with so many teachers in my life. All of them have given me great teaching and inspiration.
  • Hence, it is difficult to choose the best one from them. But, well, if you ask me, Mr. Manoj Bhatt is my favorite teacher. He teaches English in general and IELTS in particular.
  • I came in touch with him when I was studying my bachelor. Actually, I accidently met him. One of my friends wanted to join the classes and I was with him so I attended the demo lecture.
  • I was so impressed the way he delivered the speech. The words and sentences he used in his speech were simple yet they were effectively exerted.
  • His teaching method is ingenious and unique.
  • In addition, He has got extensive knowledge of each facet of English learning.
  • But most importantly, he is highly optimist
  • He is having an indefatigable He used to teach us for three to four hours consecutively without the slightest hint of boredom.
  • He has his own unique style of teaching English which he developed himself which does not fit into the orthodox, monotonous style of traditional teachers. His class was always mixed up with fun and teaching.
  • He always encourages the students to do well and give their best. He used to tell us that the taste of a result you got after hard work is sweeter than any sweet in the world.
  • I learnt many things from him.
  • Really he is the epitome of teaching.

Band 7+ vocabulary.

Eminent: Prestigious, notable, famous.

Optimist: Positive.

Facet: Part.

Ingenious: Clever, original.

Indefatigable: Tireless.

Consecutively: Continuously.

Monotonous: Boring.

Orthodox: Conservative, not modern.

Exert: Use.

Epitome: Benchmark, Perfect example.

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