Topic 20 : Describe a website you use that helps you a lot in your work or studies.

Describe a website which you frequently visit.

You should include : 

  • When and where did you first see this website ?
  • What is this website about ? 
  • How often do you visit it ?  
  • and explain whether it is useful or not ? 

Sample answer. 

  • There was a time when people wandered  for information.
  • In past There were only handful of geniuses or knowledgeable people who were able to give answers of all the questions.
  • Now it is just a matter of a click.
  • someone might not have thought in the wildest dream in the last century that we would be able to get the information withing a fraction of a second by clicking on a magical screen.
  • This is possible today because of the websites.
  • We see,visit and collect information from plenty of websites today.
  • Myriad websites are there in every single field.
  • latest information on different field such as education,medical,law or even space exploration can be obtained from websites.
  • I am a student so I am more interested in educational websites, in particular English and ielts.
  • I find much suitable and comfortable for my purpose.
  • First of all, the content and knowledge it provides is beyond comparison. I think the authors of this website possess ingenuity and competency in IELTS and English language.
  • Articles of the website contain thorough information of the topic together with advanced vocabulary and grammar.Still,there is no difficulty in getting the message.
  • In addition, it provides easy navigation to all the pages of it.
  • If you are reading something on certain subjects or topics.more related topics are interlinked so you can directly go to that particular page.
  • But the best thing I like about this website is they never try to beat around the bush. in other words, whatever information you seek is written directly.
  • I have seen in some websites that in order to make you spend more time on their pages. some websites do not land you to the pages you are looking for.Instead they make you see other pages.well I get bored with that.but this is not the case for this website.
  • The look and lay out of the website is also very nice.
  • I have been using this website for more than two years.yet I did not get bored of it because whenever I return to the website I find something new,informative on different topics of IELTS and English language.