Topic 19 : Describe any advertisement which you find interesting.

IELTS speaking cue card topic 19.

Describe any advertisement which you find interesting.

  • What kind of advertisement is that.
  • Where did you see it ?
  • What does it sell?

And explain why do you think it is an interesting advertisement.

Sample answer  

  • We live in an era where people are bombarded with plethora of advertisement every now and then.
  • Hardly a minute goes without we seing advertisement in different form.
  • Among these some are monotonous whereas others are unique which can interest you.
  • Whenever we see any TV program these advertisements come in between.
  • They are so  frequently  sometime they irritate us.
  • However, some advertisement are really informative and awesome.
  • I have seen one such advertisement which I feel is a nice one.
  • It is the add of idea,a  mobile sim card company.
  • Advertisement goes something like this.
  • An old age person from a village wants her daughter to get admission in one of the best school in the city. But admission was full.
  • He has been told her daughter could not get admission.
  • That man urged the teachers but that girl did not get admission finally they had to leave the school with heavy heart.
  • This incident was being watched by the principal of the school.
  • The role of the principal was portrayed by Mr. Abhishek Bachhan, a talented and versatile actor of Bollywood. He was in total grief after this incident.
  • He contemplated deeply and came up with a brilliant idea. He bought some mobiles with an idea sim card and sent them to that village.
  • Now, all the village students could come to a certain area and learn whatever being taught in the school.the principal had solved the problem with his idea and a sim card of idea.
  • The tag line of this add is “What an idea sirji? (Sirji is a respectful word for sir )
  • This advertisement is really emotional.It touched my heart.I was spellbound by the last portion of the add where the girl who was rejected from school was the student of the year.
  • You see, in present time where most of the people and companies are busy selling their product by doing any kind of add without thinking any morality.
  • This advertisement stands tall and different among all.
  • I would recommend all to see this advertisement.


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