Speaking part 3 : Describe a song or music you like.

As discussed in previous articles speaking part 3 questions are slight difficult than part 1 questions. you can get by with it by continuous practice.

Here we would discuss part 3 questions for Describe a song or music you like.  

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Follow up questions.

What kinds of music or songs are popular in your country?

India is a diverse country. It has got wide varieties in almost everything and music is no different. Traditional music and songs are popular in my country. However, with recent trend many modern and exotic music, band and songs also have made their space in popularity.

Do people nowadays like same music as the people in the past ?

It is tough to say whether people nowadays like the same music which used to be so much adored and liked in the past. Every individual is unique in choosing music and liking for it.

However, we can say that the trend of music has been changed in some way.Nowadays,young generation like more of songs which is high in music.whereas people in past would like rather slow and peaceful songs.

Is there any difference between liking of music between different age group?

Certainly, There must  be the possibilities of different liking of the songs and music  in different age groups.however, what kind of music the different age group would like can not be fathomed. It may be possible that 50 year old man like the modern rap songs and 16 years lad may like old songs or music.

What is the impact of technology on music?

Technology has got huge impact on music.The way music is being played is greatly affected by technology. In the past, it was impossible to organize concerts because of the lack of technology which are frequently organized nowadays.

In addition,It is the technology which can increase the quality of sound and other aspects of music.

Which music is better, traditional music or modern music?

The opinion of this questions may be different from person to person.But if you ask me I would definitely prefer traditional music because traditional music is attached with the culture of a particular region. for example ‘Garba’ – a kind of a folk songs in my region are adored over all modern songs and music.

Do you think foreign music have got any impact on the cultural or traditional music?

I think Music has no such boundaries.music is music. people can be attracted by any music.To some extent,though traditional music is widely praised and enjoyed,the music or songs from foreign country can attract the people too.