Today the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold

Today the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Nothing but a good advertisement can help anyone to sell their products or services in the market. The power of advertisement depicts the picture of high sales of consumer products. I agree that advertisements have become very powerful and they are the core reason for these rocketing sales.

In the first place, advertisements have become intriguing enough to attract the consumers and make them buy the services or products at least once. The world of advertisements have become so innovative and the brand also knows that this will definitely help them to rise up their scales. Advertisements now have fascinating visuals, brilliant music, some computerized graphics and myriad other elegant elements to attract the consumer. Companies even make models and celebrities as their brand ambassadors to promote and advertise their products, which leads to high sales and great profits.

Additionally, advertisements have captured every single place a customer can visit. Everywhere in the market, in the shops, huge banners inside the malls at tourist places and even at public offices advertisements are present. They are even present inside our houses and work places in form of television and internet. This constant exposure of advertisements to the consumers has a great influence on the high sales of companies.

On the other hand, opponents have a perception that only the products which are in demand and have good quality are having high sales in spite of such a huge and fascinating advertisement industry. A popular belief is that, a good advertisement kills a bad product. The reason for such high sales and the increase in demands and improvement in the products cause many companies survival in the market because they have a bad products or services.

On the whole, I believe that advertisements have a significant influence on the high sales as it is an undeniable truth that they can make a consumer buy their products or services at least once. They kill bad products but they are the reason for the high sales in the present time.

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Nowadays, the growth in gross development product is increasing because of advertisement. consumers mostly purchase the goods which they watch on the advertising which depicts the high demand products as power of advertisement while the products which actually society needs is derail. I strongly agree with the statement.

To embark on, the key reason is that the advertisements are alluring and putting people in illusion. advertisements are putting people far away from real need and truth. Advertisement serves illusion of darkness and if seems like people have actual need of that stuff which it serves toward people while, people do not have the real need of that stuff but the illusion force them to by that stuff.

Moreover, advertisements have besieged our life from morning newspaper’s first page to night hoardings with its attractive lights. People often watch advertisements in the smart gadgets like smart phone, laptop or computer and even in different social media handles and websites which are frequently used by people. Also some attraction such as discount offers or some free products with shopping is prominent method to serve the products which leads to huge amount of sales to consumer goods. For instance, giving a discount offer to consumers in 2012 lead to huge sale of sugar through advertisement.

However, there are various products which have hype for its selling and real need among the consumers. There are huge amount of products which are prominent and sold for its real need which they use in daily routine for people not all people are blind towards alluring advertisement, Myriad people have sense and discretion not to be trapped in these false advertisement. 

To sum up, advertisements are plating key role for having no need products and huge sale of products. While some people know the way which real products need to have?

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Alluring Charming
Besiege Surround a place
Prominent  Famous

Sample answer 3

It is true that, nowadays the sales of popular products have dramatically increased and there are plethora’s of reasons behind it. Sometime may be, due to the attraction of advertising or sometime the real necessary of the product as per my perspective these both aspects are influenced on increasing the sales of popular goods

On the one hand, obviously, advertisements attract people and force them to purchase it. Also it leaves the great mark on peoples mind. So people have the curiosity to purchase the stuff. Because as human nature, we can easily attract with anything therefore if we see any advertise on our gadgets or anywhere then due to their good quality and great sound systems we purchase it. So, it is true that advertisement has the strength of attracting the people and many people buy things because of only seen it in advertisement.

On the other hand, the advertisement is not only responsible for high selling of stuffs but the real necessary of the people is also impact, on it. To illustrate this point, it is not possible that, the high sales occur because of only good advertisement but it also occurs because of the needs of society. We do not purchase everything after watching it is ass but we purchase it because it is essential for us. Moreover, sometime the high sale of goods is occurred because of people use it from long time and also before watching its advertisement. In short, the growth of selling products is not increased because of only power of advertisement.

In conclusion, keeping all these things in mind, as per my point of view, both aspects play vital role behind the progress of selling goods. Because, we cannot say it exactly that which one influence higher rather that other. Nut, we cannot neglect that, these both are play crucial role to high sales of popular goods.

Sample answer 4

Advertising play crucial role behind the promotion of every product which are sold in a market. People are influenced by the elegant advertise and buy various things which are not necessary in life even promoters promote their product for their own purpose rather than certain need of the people hence it might affects negatively as well as positively too.

To begin with, advertise is the best path to promote products even through it company or organization provides the information as well as some details regarding to the products so people get aware about the things and what types of facilities and qualities are provided by the company so it is good to sell the various items very easily in different platform. Due to the advance technologies namely TV, phone and various laptops. Moreover, it affects directly on the mind of people so they are more likely to buy these items which are shown by the enchanting advertisement.

On the flip side, plethora of consequence are there due to the advertisement as sellers focus more only on making money rather than the actual needs of people. In recent time, advertisements mostly based on items which are not necessary in daily routine because of getting high amount. Moreover, there is no need of any advertisement of such things which are prominent in our life for instance, toothpaste are already famous as well as it is most purchasing products without any promotion because it uses on daily bases.

In conclusion, advertisements play crucial role in the marketing regarding to the various products however some organizations use it for unnecessary things in spite of things which are truly needs which influences people to waste their money in trivial items.