Band 7+ sample essays : Government should spend money on railways rather than roads.To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

IELTS writing task 2 demands higher vocabulary and up to date format described by British council and IDP. Here we have taken  a topic on which  sample answers have been given.remember these  answers are for practice only. you have to work on your grammar and vocabulary for getting higher band score. click here for other band 7+ sample essays.

Topic 2: Government should spend money on railways rather than roads.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Sample answer 1 :

Band value : 8 

Railways and roads both are vital to connect different regions of nation. If railways are significant for carrying heavy loads and goods, on the one hand, the importance of roads cannot be overlooked, on the other which takes care of remote villages. It is a matter of  thoughtful consideration whether the roads or railways  should be given more budget.

As far as spending money on railways is concerned, it could easily outweighs the roads on the ground that it connects and affects far more people than the road transportation. In developing countries such as India and other Asian countries, enormous amount of population commutes by railways. Spending less money on railways clearly depriving the population of comfortable and basic traveling. In addition, transportation by railways is economical because the freight charges are reasonable as compared to any other mode of transportation.

In addition, vital goods such as Petrol, diesel and daily provisions are carried by Railways. Even fruits and vegetables grown in elsewhere are transported through railways which are the life line of any nation. No mode of transportation can be found other than railways which could carry these daily provisions easily, conveniently and cost effectively. Any compromise on this could create drastic effects on the life of people.

On the contrary, transportation of roads should also be given importance because it connects villages to cities. As railways cannot reach to every corner of nation roads proves to be much efficient alternative. For an instance, the hilly region of a country could be affected if road transportation is not available there.

In conclusion, Railways has definitely got the upper hand as compared to roads while spending a budget. Benefits of the road transportation cannot be taken for granted too.

Band 7+ words in this essay :

Vital : Important

Significant : Important

Overlook : do not consider important

Consideration : Careful thought

Deprive : prevent people from having or using something

Alternative : Option

Sample answer 2  :

Band value : 6.5

Every government is concerned about their transport facilities. Because transport plays a vital role on every country’s communication system as well as economy. I believe that government should spend more money on public transport whether it is road or railways, both are important in the particular geographical situation.

On the one hand, some situations where railways could be a better option than the road. First, traveling in a railway is very cheap, every people can afford it and some countries provide a discount in tickets for senior citizens. Second, for long distance travel, it is easy and time saving. People will get their destination point in a minimum time. As compared to the road, the journey in trains would be faster and fulfill with memories, because of minor traffic and best accommodation in different aspects such as ac coach, business class coach, and local coach. Moreover, in very high population area, railway is the best option, because trains carry many people and maximum goods can be transferred from one place to another. We can consider a best example of railway transport in the Mumbai. Millions of people travel in the local trains.

There are several reasons where government should spend more money on roads rather than railways. In the beginning, if an area or region is surrounded by rivers and hilly mountains, then it might be risky to build a railway path at that height and also quite expensive for them. So, they should provide better road transport to communicate with high ways. Apart from it, low population area would be preferred for road transport.

Overall, I believe that government should spend their money to build safe, faster and more convenience transport system. Therefore, railways are better than road except in some geographical conditions.