Ielts speaking test cue card topic 22 : Describe your favorite movie

Describe your favorite movie.

  • When and Where did you see it ?
  • With whom did you see it ?
  • What was the story line?
  • And explain why did you like this movie ?

Watching movies is the best way to get relaxed.I have always been fascinated for movies. From my child hood to now I have seen number of movies in English, Hindi and in my mother tongue, Gujarati. I like almost all genre movies. I like romantic, thriller and science fiction the most.

There are so many movies which can be enlisted as favorite. and it is an arduous task to choose one movie Among from all these marvelous movies. However, if I try then I would give my first preference to ‘Batman, the dark knight.’ I have seen this movie for more than 100 times. Yet, the impression is  new every time.

This movies has been fantastically directed by one of my favorite director Christopher Nolan.It has got some fascinating characters like ‘Batman’, ‘Harvey Dent’, ‘Commissioner Gordon’ and my favorite ‘The joker’.

Not just the characters but all the facets of film enthralls you. Intriguing vfx has been the charm of the movie throughout the run. Movie has got Some heart touching scenes and dialogue specifically between the batman and his butler. Emotional relationship between these two is quite impressive.

But Most importantly, it is the story of a movie which attracts me the most. Every movie has got a hero and villain. but the presentation of the villain and hero in this movie is incredible.

The story goes like this ; Three men from three different background namely, Bruce Wayne the batman, Harvey dent -the lawyer and commissioner Gordon want to wipe out the crime from the city. So,they lay out a plan exert various trick and hacks and almost remove the mob from the city.However,in doing so they underestimated and neglected one key person who ultimately became dominant antagonist.The name of that person is ‘the joker’.This character is my all time favorite.  Joker always wanted to prove that evils prevail the good.He successfully prove by manipulating the amiable hero ‘Harvey Dent’ into the horrifying two face villain.

Overall concept of the motive is that every person has good and evil in him and sometime evil looks more powerful.However in the end, it is the good which prevails eventually.


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