Speaking part 3 : Describe a Time When You Have Taken Part in The Survey Or Questionnaire.

There is a difference between simple questions of part 1 and complex ones of  part 3 which seems much difficult to the students as compared to part 1 and 2.We can overcome this hurdle by perpetual practice which is the only way to achieve high band score.Suppose you have been asked Describe a Time When You Have Taken Part in The Survey Or Questionnaire as a cue card then part 3 or follow up questions  could be as below.

  • follow up questions.

What are the advantages of conducting surveys or questionnaires?

Surveys and questionnaires are good when someone wants to know people’s perception or opinion. When surveys are carried out people talk about their likes and dislikes about particular issue or problems.In that way any company or organization can find out the mood of its potential customers or viewers.

Are there any disadvantages?

As far as the disadvantages are concerned I can say that sometime people do not take part in surveys positively due to fear or simply apathy. One more disadvantage is that whole population cannot be surveyed. Organization can survey some portion of population which obviously does not represent whole population.

Do you think it is a good way to find out people’s opinion?

Yes, definitely, it is a very good way to find out people’s opinion. When People are asked about certain issue they would speak about it. In that way we can find out what people have in their mind.

Do all people excitedly take part in surveys and questionnaires?

It varies from one person to other. Some people take part in questionnaires excitedly.Whereas, there are some people who are not willing to partake due to myriad reasons.

Generally, when people think the survey is in their benefit they would participate without any doubt or skepticism.

What could be the reason if some people do not take part in them?

Well, reason may be the fear; people sometime have fear that if they would speak on certain matter it would affect their life. And people do not want any interference in their life.

Sometime they are simply apathetic. In other words they are not interested to take part in any kind of surveys.

Do you think organizations such as institutes, companies or schools should conduct survey?

Yes, certainly, any organization who wants to know what their viewers or customers think about their products or services should conduct surveys and questionnaires.