Topic 18 : Describe a time when you have taken part in the survey or questionnaire.

Describe a time when you have taken part in the survey or questionnaire.

  • What was the questionnaire or survey about ?
  • Why were you asked to give your opinion ?
  • What opinion you gave ?
  • And explain how you felt about giving your opinion in this survey ?

Sample answer.

  • We all possess certain views and opinions for different subjects.
  • Sometime we share sometime we don’t.
  • There are numerous faculties for which a person has perception in his mind.
  • Most popular, among all these, are religious, political and educational.
  • Surveys are frequently conducted on these topics.
  • I have once taken part in such survey.
  • In 2014 there was survey in our hometown about who would win the national election which was to be held in the same year.
  • One famous news channel had come to my home to and conducted this survey.
  • There were questionnaire on various parts of election.
  • Different questions were asked like who will win the election? Whether the previous government performed well.
  • Other questions were how will you choose your candidate
  • There was also a question whether you will look in to the educational background of a particular contestant or not.
  • Every one in my hometown had taken part in this survey excitedly.
  • The people in my society, in particular, were very excited.
  • I am generally not that much aware and keen about politics.However, by insistence of one of my close friend I participated in this survey.In fact this is the first time I ever took part in any survey.
  • After participating,I realized It was fun to participate. I have given very straightforward answers to all the questions.
  • Most of the questions were practical. However,one question which has impacted me was the question about the educational background of the candidate.
  • I did not resist to speak on that question categorically and vigorously. I emphasized on the sound educational background of the candidate.
  • Many other in my society backed me on that they all felt that education is the most important parameter on which the vote should be given to the candidate.
  • All in all,It was a great experience.I had learned so much from other people.
  • This survey had impacted me so much that I started taking interest in politics.


follow up questions.

What are the advantages of conducting surveys or questionnaires?

Are there any disadvantages?

Do you think it is a good way to find out people’s opinion?

Do all people excitedly take part in surveys and questionnaires?

What could be the reason if some people do not take part in them?

Do you think organizations such as institutes, companies or schools should conduct survey?

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