Topic 18 : Describe a time when you have taken part in the survey or questionnaire.

Describe a time when you have taken part in the survey or questionnaire.

  • What was the questionnaire or survey about ?
  • Why were you asked to give your opinion ?
  • What opinion you gave ?
  • And explain how you felt about giving your opinion in this survey ?

Sample answer.

  • We all possess certain views and opinions for different subjects.
  • Sometime we share sometime we don’t.
  • There are numerous faculties for which a person has perception in his mind.
  • Most popular, among all these, are religious, political and educational.
  • Surveys are frequently conducted on these topics.
  • I have once taken part in such survey.
  • In 2014 there was survey in our hometown about who would win the national election which was to be held in the same year.
  • One famous news channel had come to my home to and conducted this survey.
  • There were questionnaire on various parts of election.
  • Different questions were asked like who will win the election? Whether the previous government performed well.
  • Other questions were how will you choose your candidate
  • There was also a question whether you will look in to the educational background of a particular contestant or not.
  • Every one in my hometown had taken part in this survey excitedly.
  • The people in my society, in particular, were very excited.
  • I am generally not that much aware and keen about politics.However, by insistence of one of my close friend I participated in this survey.In fact this is the first time I ever took part in any survey.
  • After participating,I realized It was fun to participate. I have given very straightforward answers to all the questions.
  • Most of the questions were practical. However,one question which has impacted me was the question about the educational background of the candidate.
  • I did not resist to speak on that question categorically and vigorously. I emphasized on the sound educational background of the candidate.
  • Many other in my society backed me on that they all felt that education is the most important parameter on which the vote should be given to the candidate.
  • All in all,It was a great experience.I had learned so much from other people.
  • This survey had impacted me so much that I started taking interest in politics.

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