Some people think that universities should provide graduate with..IELTS Writing Task 2

Some people think that universities should provide graduate with..IELTS Writing Task 2

Some people think that universities should provide graduate with the knowledge and skill needed in the workplace other think that the true function of university should be give access to knowledge for its own sake regardless of whether the course is use full to an employer.

What, in your opinion should be the main function of university?

Sample Answer:

In the present times, students complaint that universities do not provide education which will be useful in their profession. Universities should provide practical knowledge and the knowledge which is useful at workplace. I agree with the opinion that university should change their teaching system only to some extent.

In first place, students study at universities to get a job, therefore it is responsibility of universities o give the knowledge their profession demands. The major reason for graduation of almost every student is intent to get a decent job. However universities kept neglecting this fact and provide the knowledge for they should provide education which is valuable for their student’s future career.

Additionally, the theories taught to the students at universities are useless and the colleges should provide practical knowledge which is useful for the students and employers. Most of the professions in the recent times require practical skills and technique which students lack because of the old education system of universities. University should accept that the practical knowledge is more essential than theories; therefore they must focus on that, which assist the students at their workplace.

On the other hand, the theories and knowledge being provided at universities have its own significance. Universities claim that the core knowledge of theories is more important than the skills required by workplace. The skills will have no worth with the basic knowledge. Universities provide an overall general knowledge at the graduation stage, which according to them is more essential as the additional skills can be lent easily and rapidly and such skills are not responsibilities of universities.

Considering both the views in my opinion, universities should add such essential skills in their courses however they should not stop provide the knowledge about theories they used to provide in past.