university students should study whatever they like. IELTS Writing Task 2

university students should study whatever they like. IELTS Writing Task 2

Some people think that all university students should study whatever they like. Other believes that they should only be allowed to study subject that will be useful in the future such as those related to science or technology.Discuss both views and give your own opinion?

Sample Answer:

In recent times, it is a trend that a student should study science and technology rather than any other subject. However, students want to study the subject they like and dream to follow their passion. The views have its merits and demerits, i believe, though student should study the subject they like, they should also study subjects crucial for the coming years.

To begin with, if students will not be allowed to study the subjects they are passionate about, it will be difficult for students to pursue a career in other subjects. It will be best to teach a subject in which the student have internet, otherwise, the students can have a major problems in their professional life. They might stay unemployed or they will not love work. These cases can even cause mental issues for a person. Therefore it is better to study the subject in which the student will enjoy working in the future.

In addition, if students do not like the subject he studies, there is a great chance that he face financial crisis in the future. Due to such high competition, it will be difficult for the student to get a job regarding that particular subject. For example, the field of technology is highly competitive; to get a decent job without being interned in that subject is quite impossible.

On the other hand, due to advancement in technology, a student should learn specific subjects. Firstly due to the advancement in technology many professions will vanish in the future and will be replaced by technology. Further, the specific subjects like science will be crating perpetual opportunities; even such fields have more money compared to other subjects. Such benefits attract the students to pursue a career in specific subjects.

Considering both the opinions, i believe it is crucial that students should study the subjects they like however they should have basic knowledge of science and technology because it is impossible to survive with it in this rapidly growing world.

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