In some countries, fast food restaurants and supermarkets give money to schools. IELTS writing sample essay

In some countries, fast food restaurants and supermarkets give money to schools to promote their products.

Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Sample answer 

Opening a new fast food restaurants and supermarkets nearly a school is a very profitable business. They promote their products to the students with the help of schools. In my opinion it is extremely negative for students and can have a bad influence on them.

In the first place, the promotion of such products by the school can easily encourage the students to visit restaurants which leads to health issues among them. Promotion of fast food at school persuade the students to eat copious amount of fast food which is unhealthy for them. A recent survey shows that schools promoting such products have more obese students compared to other schools these promotions have very negative impact on a student’s life.

Secondly, the manipulative promotion of supermarkets with the assistance of schools have a very negative impact on students as. Students tend towards buying unnecessary products.Supermarkets know that students are easy target consumers, being young they are being persuaded easily. Even some gimmicks like discount coupons are distributed among the students which excite them more to buy the products of supermarket. These actions lead to the buying of the products which are never required.

Additionally, it also affects the studies and concentration of students and acts as distractions. A restaurant or supermarket around a school makes it a crowded place.  Such crowded places are the major distractions for students. During the school hours because the noise from the area are constantly disturbing the classes. Instead of concentrating on studies students are more focused on the restaurants and supermarket and sometimes they even skill their classes just of hangout at such places.

Concluding the impacts these promotion of restaurants and supermarkets are creating, we come to a conclusion that there are merely creating negative influence on students. School should stop such promotions for more amount of money they are raining the health and habits of their students.