People’s character is influenced by environment rather than genetics. Do you agree or disagree?

People’s character is influenced by environment rather than genetics. Do you agree or disagree?

People’s character is influenced by environment rather than genetics. Do you agree or disagree?

Sample Answer: 1

The most important element of a person’s personality is his character. Character of an individual is mostly influenced by the environment and people around them. I agree with the statement and have some arguments for it.

Firstly, it is a basic human psychology that individual mostly adopt the habits and actions of the people around them. Human adapt to the environment they live therefore subconsciously or intentionally they start doing actions of the people around them which adds on to their characters. It have been noticed from years that people surrounded by successful people have more chances of getting successful in their life. It is not an intentional influences, it just happens automatically as the surrounding start affecting the human brain in a sub-conscious manner.

Additionally, it is a saying that “friends you have described who you are”, it is really true. Friends have a very high influence on character rather than genetics. In a recent survey it had been found. That people in the some friend group share similar characteristic. Friends are the one who influences you consciously as they are the one because of whom you inspire, motivate and might get addicted to some bad habits.

However genetics can’t be the reason behind the character of a person. Genetic and DNA are only responsible for the development of physical properties not the internal and mental characteristics. For example, the offspring of a scientist is not necessary intelligent and it then came way the hire of an athlete can be scientist; it’s all about the environment which affects a personality, mindset, behavior and intelligence.

Considering all the argument we can conclude that genetics of a person have nothing to do with the character. I have a strong belief that character dependents on the environment with which a person is surrounded.

Sample answer: 2

Persons are known by their character characteristics are define the unique qualities, physical appearance and behaviour of that person. Both genetics and environment have dominated on people’s character in different ways.

Genetic is basically biological peat. Which transmit characteristics from one generation to other? It will affect on persons physical appearance. Genes are not in hesitated by single person but it is mixer of two opposite gender. Children’s physical look in habited by their parent. But some time several dieses come hereditary such as sager mental illness.

However, environment plays vital role on people’s character. Children’s personality and behaviour are influenced by their surrounding environment or life style. There are many studies on genetic and environment. Take an example of twins; they share same genetic information but their behaviour may be different that based on how they grow up. If one child grow up in rich family than he/she has many opportunity in terms of education, health financial help, while if another child grow up in middle class than he/she has limited sources because their parent could not effort that things as compared to that child. Furthermore, people term good values and ethics from positive environment on opposite they also learn unethical thing from their negative environment.

To sum up, I believe that environment has more influenced on person’s character rather than genetics. Due to genes, many people blessed with usual or unique personality.

Sample answer: 3

On the earth, only human are social animals. So that surrounding atmosphere affects on the people’s behaviour. I totally agree on the view which believes people’s behaviour is being affected by environment rather than generation.

Firstly, we know family atmosphere affect on the child’s growth. If children see regular debate between their parents, it will affect on children nature. Children may become frustrated. This example proves that people’s personality is being affected by circumstances.

Secondly, if children come from doctor’s family. It will not necessary. In future those children will become doctor. It is only depend on children’s interest if children have not any interest on becoming doctor, he will not become doctor this example prove that genes have not any role on person’s character as well as capacity.

On the other hand, if we focus on the environment, for example .we all know if children have friends who have bad habits, it’s also influenced on the children’s growth for example children stay with friends who have bad smoking habit but in this family no anyone have that type of habit, although children may have smoking habit because of his friend’s who have not any type of genetic relation with children.

Lastly, nowadays mostly people want to live in peaceful environment because we all known environment affect on our behaviour. Peaceful atmosphere affect on our nature and we all feel relax.

Finally, I conclude that I agree on the sentence which support surrounding environment more responsible on persons development process as well as behaviour than genetics.


Sample answer: 4

Nowadays, there are plenty key factors, which provoke particular changes in human character and this aspect, can be divide into two groups first is external and second is internal. In first group includes factors such as people who surround us which make people different and second cluster of factors which consist of various inherited qualities of character. So, I agree with the notion that persons personality and behaviour is greatly impacted by the surrounding (environment)

To begin with, the atmosphere in person living plays a significant role since clam and peaceful environment teaches how to get patience and relaxation in any generally seen that young children are highly affected with the household quarrels which makes them angry and misbehaving all the time, therefore environment is very essential aspect for them to creating entire development. Secondly, if sometimes schools co-operate with everyone (children) and tries to maintain the decorum of that place as result, doing this type of activity it gives positive energy to all. In addition, it is believed that sometimes friends work as mirror, which can influence peoples character or to change personality. Scientist do some researches and prove this statement, the situation when people making good or close friends and sharing plenty types of ideas that time they are dominating in positive way just because of making relationship with friends. So, people’s character is always influenced by the environment, so that is why nature plays vital role to influence people.

On the other hand, it is believed by some people genes have no role in anybody’s character development. this happens because everybody has their own unique DNA, expect for identical twins, who share the same DNA (in some cases), in addition, sometimes parents also have one type of mirror and as result they never taught to their children do robberies and crimes, when time was pass out and offer that, children go outside for their educational purpose or any different kind of work that time they influence by the nature not because to raising by their parents. When they connect with different type of people that time they influence by them in positive way or sometimes in negative ways and do evil activities and apart from it they changed their personality. So, genes are less influenced for people’s character because most the development time environment take place on individual character development and in some cases, it takes place in good way and help to the person to develop their character in better way.

In conclusion, I am opining that outer world is mainly responsible for influencing the people and that’s way they should always look for a peaceful environment to live in.


Sample answer: 5

It is not only easy to understand the mysteries of human behaviour. There are plethora of elements which determine the character of people, such as their personal trails and heredity all of them many people ponder that environment, where people live and child grow up are more effect on people’s temperament. As per my perspective, atmosphere which surrounds the people is more affective on their nature.

In the first place, environment plays vital role in human’s nature. Also it is proven by many scientists that our external atmosphere really affects on our characters. For illustration, if any parents have great talent and same talent have their children but it is not possible to grow up the talent without good environment. Such as, mostly children learn everything from their home and outer world and caught up all things in their mind whether it is good or bad. Moreover It is generally believed that, every child learn anything which is by their environment which given in their or in external side. So environment plays essential role for children good traits.

Furthermore, why many people think that genes are not that much important in peoples characteristic, because sometimes it happens that son of sportsman is not sportsman. If someone have talent by their heredity but they do not focus on them and do not hard work to grow them so that are not use full. Of course, many talents and nature come from heredity but if it has no proper guidance and environment then it cannot grow. So in short man’s child will not able to become famous sportsman if he does not do hard work.

In conclusion, environment has more impact on people’s nature. Though genes are another important factor for declining the human’s characters but without proper environment, care and attention it cannot be grown up. So parents give good environment then definitely children will be good person.