Some people think that zoos are all cruel and should be closed down. IELTS writing essay sample asnwer

Some people think that zoos are all cruel and should be closed down. Others, however, believe that zoos can be useful in protecting wild animals. Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion.


Sample Answer: 1

People often visit zoos. Zoos can be local, national and sometimes international. Zoos may be the best option for animals which are endangered or extinct. however, the healthy ones would not strive in zoos.  it could be cruel even inhuman to keep animals as  prisoners in zoos even if the intention is to protect them. I think animals have some benefits when they are kept in zoos but the disadvantages surely outweighs the pros.

In zoos animals are trapped in artificial environment which is not suitable for their ecological cycle, it could  affect on their natural behavior. They are dependent on human and facilities of zoo. If lions or tiger are kept in the zoos for long time then they might be losing their hunting technique because they are habituated to typical system. Moreover, in zoo animals were annoyed by children; they throw stones on them and irritate them in a harmful way. Furthermore, not every zoos have proper management  and facilities. because of the  have limited natural resources, and space for keeping them. It could be a major impact on the natural growth of particular animals.

however, zoo plays crucial role for saving endangered or wild animals. It is a boon for extinct animals. They provide them all the facilities and environment for surviving. This includes medical treatment, proper diet and safety. In addition people can learn more about animals and nature. Zoos could reduce barrier between humans and wild animals.

To sum up, I think animals should be kept in zoos only for purpose of protecting which are in danger of extinction. Otherwise they feel like in jail. it affects on their natural behavior. We should let them live freely in environment.


Sample Answer: 2

A zoo a place at which animals are kept inside a small area and can also be watched by the tourists. It is a bit controversial topic nowadays, whether the zoos are really beneficial for animals or they are just a piece of entertainment for the tourist in the name of protecting animals.

Firstly, it is considered that decreasing an animal’s freedom is cruel itself. Most people who admire wildlife believe that putting a wild animal behind bars inside a small cage is against the laws of nature and even cruel. They believe that putting any animal inside a zoo is similar to considering them as criminal and those people take it as an offence.

Additional, according to some experts wild animal usually lose their natural behavior after getting into the zoo. The reason behind this belief is that the wild animals do not need to perform the action in zoo which they used to perform in their own natural habitat in order to service. Experts consider it as a major problem because changing the behavior of a single animal can affect the whole ecology of the biodiversity. One famous scientist quotes, “extinction of a single species of honey bees could affect the ecology of whole earth.”

On the other hand, scientist also believes that, zoos are the best place to prevent the loss of some endangered species. Species which are near to extinction could be taken care in fine way at zoo; even such species can also be protected from getting extinct. Arguing this many people believe it is very rare that an extinction is being prevented by the assistance of zoos.

People around the globe have mixed opinions about the zoo. It is considered as one of the biggest chaos between the people. Even experts haven’t come to an agreement about this topic as their opinions are also very contrasting in their community.

In my opinion, zoos are very helpful for the protection of some species. However, we can’t disagree to the point that is affects the natural biodiversity and ecology.


Sample Answer: 3

In this modern world, zoos are made to keep the wild animals and for the purpose of providing information about animals to people, but it is believed that zoos are hazardous for animals to live, whereas some people concur that zoos are the best place for protecting animals in safe way. As far as the lives of animal are concerned, zoos would not be a best place for them.

To begin with, zoo is a kind of artificial place for animals to live where they are given a limited space to wonder and they are treated as a domestic animal which is not good idea. Because, according to government acts animals have right to live in free space and in the zoos, animals are not given a perfect aid, so after some time they become weak by their body and they cannot live longer in this situation, so it would be worse idea to keep wild animals in zoos.

Furthermore, after spending longtime in zoos, wild animals forget their natural talent. In the zoos animals are kept as toy and they are treated, as a result, they forget their natural talent such as hunting animals for food. It was surveyed in 2015. That one; lion which was kept in zoo for longtime, had given freedom and when he returned to forest, he forget how to hunt animals, so this shows that zoos are not good place for them.

On the other hand, it is true that in the zoos animals are safe and they can live without having any fear of killed by someone. But it does not mean that zoos are the best place to protect them. They can give protection through many other ways such as, keep them in national parks, so zoos should be banned and animals should be given freedom to live their live in their own comfort.

To sum up, it is right that zoos are cruel for wildlife, that is why zoos should be closed down and animals should be given freedom to live their lives in forest or any protected area.


Sample Answer: 4

Nowadays, people have different view regarding to the question about the zoos and people have different perspective about zoos need to be maintained or not. It is thought by some people that zoos are merciless and should be closed, whereas other people contradict and assert that zoos are always beneficial to protect wild animals. I will discuss both views and give my opinion in the conclusion.

On the one hand, first and foremost there are two main reasons why zoos are considered heinous places and should be closed or banned. Firstly, zoos are often aimed to entertain people and earn money from them, which means that zoos held animals not because of responsibility or take care but because of making profits. Secondly, many zoos limit the freedom of their animal by providing poor- quality environments and facilities. Many researchers have shown that the house of any animals in zoos is far smaller than that of them in nature. This prevents animals from doing daily activities the same way as they do in the wild, which is likely to make them feel depress and developmental illnesses. So many people assert that zoos are cruel and should be closed down.

On the other hand, some people believe that zoos play important part in preventing animals from extinction. Nowadays, many people hunting several animals, which is because their body parts are seen as luxury items and status symbols and as well as other purpose of doing that is earning more money. For example, some animals are the level of the extinction. In wild area, people killed this animal and held in captivity because their bones and skin are highly valued in the black market. That’s why some people argue that in the zoos these animals are safe and secure compare to the nature.

In conclusion, although different people believe in different views but in my personal belief, zoos are beneficial as well as useful for protecting extinct animals.


Sample Answer: 5

As far as the topic of animals is concerned the animal lovers always put their debatable arguments for the protection of the animals, where putting animals in artificial zones away from their natural habitat is one of the controversial question around the word. Some people believe that this has a devastating effect on animals. However, others see as beneficial point of view in terms of saving endangered animals. In my opinion, under proper scrutiny and safety with the maintaining the need of animals, Zoos can be lifesaving homes for the rare animals in this cruel world. Both opinions should get proper analysis before reaching to any conclusion.

On the one hand, some people see zoos as a prison and condemn the idea of keeping them in limited space where they cannot get their freedom and nurturing of the breed. This is because of the condition of many zoos are horrifying for the animals and animals forget their nature of living, for instance it is found that many wild animals after the upbringing  in zoos forget the hunting for their survival, which is against the environmental cycle. Therefore the viewpoints of the skeptics hold the water for their side.

On the other hand, the concern of the advocates is reliable in this debate as the animals are on the verge of being extinct where only zoos can protect those rare species of the animals. Zoos protect animals from illegal hunters and poachers. For instance, there are wild animals like tiger and lion are being killed for their nails and skin for selling. Moreover due to imbalance in the weather conditions animals are being endangered which cannot be neglected. Thus keeping animals in zoos is advantageous from this perceptive.

After taking both sides into consideration, it seems to me that zoos plays vital role for preserving rare animals and keeping them alive from illegal activities of humans. However, the rights and welfare of animals must be prioritized by all zoos and animal organizations around the world and zoos must get safety for the security of the animals.


Sample Answer: 6

There is a common idea that zoos are protecting rare species when gone argue that they are cruel and should be closed down in their essay arguments for both the sides and my opinion will be considered.

One of the major anxiety is that the zoos have limited activities for the wild animals and their way of living for example lion which have habit to live in big land which are taken to small cages because of this they losing their instinct, when the reproduction of them were broker, conditions for mating were increase that goes for the wild animal who can live in a wild habitat by themselves, but some institutes take some animal to training because of entertainment people earn money.

Zoos are useful for some animal which is near to extinct for example panda, panda is one of the most extinct animal on earth which is not habitat in wild nature the live in silent habitats they have troubles for reproduction there for they help then for increasing their population due to some natural calamities some spices lose their homes for some endangered animals it may be plausible to keep then in captivity where they can walk freely.

Zoos are useful as long as they satisfy the needs of all species which are captured there and they donate abuses them. They take care of all animals there like they are their family members.

In my opinion, it all depends on how well they care all extinct species of animals there they have large park and kind worker which were not harm them, there are no problem for the animal who were near to extinct and taken to the zoos. It is very comfortable for them to live.