In many countries children are engaged in some kind of paid work. IELTS Writing Task 2

In many countries children are engaged in some kind of paid work. IELTS Writing Task 2

In many countries children are engaged in some kind of paid work some people regards this as completely wrong, while other consider it as valuable work experience important for learning  and taking responsibility.

What is your opinion on this?

Sample Answer:

In recent time, people have mixed opinion on the paid activities performed by the children. Advocates encourage such type of work whilst the opponents consider it completely wrong. I have a notion that working will be really beneficial for child only if their education is not compromised.

To begin with, the experience and the sense of responsibility children develop are really necessary for various aspects of life. Engaging children in different types of paid work provide an early experience of work place and make them more responsible and disciplined. It had been notices in a survey that children who were engaged in jobs from their early childhood, performs better in their professional life compared to other children. The major reason behind such results is that other children lack the basic experience, knowledge and way of behaving at the work place.

Furthermore, the children will know the value of money and money management at an early age. Most education systems do not include the skill of money management which could be compensate if the children go to work and learn such skills themselves. Additionally, working hard for money will teach the importance of money. Both the skills are mandatory for a successful life; therefore by working and learning children learn such skills at an early age which will be really beneficial for future.

On the other hand, such paid work is mostly responsible for improper education among the children. Children being immature get attracted towards the money and stop giving importance to education. Due to this the failure rates are increasing in certain countries. Tough children gain experience, compromising education is a bigger disadvantage. Child labor is even banned in some countries merely to priorities education over working for less paid job which adds no value to life.

In my opinion, children should be encouraged to get engaged in certain paid jobs. However, such paid work should not compromise their education just for a little amount of money because at such age education is more crucial than getting involved in paid work.