University education should be free to everyone..IELTS Writing Task 2

University education should be free to everyone..IELTS Writing Task 2

University education should be free to everyone, regardless of income. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample answer 1

Education plays crucial role in the development of the society as well as the growth of economy. There is always a controversy on whether university education should be free of cost or payable. As far as my opinion is concerned, it is positive aspects because everyone has a right to get equal university education without any finance barriers.

There are several reasons for free education. In beginning with, more students get proper education, so the literacy rate automatically increased and that affects on country’s overall economic growth. The students who belong from poor families can complete their graduation from any well known university.

Moreover, if university education is payable then middle class students have quite pressure on their shoulder to perform pretty well in score board because they have importance of tuition fees. Due to finance problem, sometimes they have to do part time job for fees, it would  affected on their overall performance. If it is free, then they can study without any burden or pressure.

However, there are certain chances that create negative impact towards future generation. In human nature, there is a mentality that if they received any things at free of cost, then might be forgot their values, therefore, people have not value the university education which increases inflation rate as well as employment. In addition, free education might destroy the good quality of the education system.

To sum up, I believe that having free education makes possible to every student attend university and choose their interested subject without any mental pressure. However, there are chances to decrease quality and value of the university education.