Speaking part 3 : Describe a game or sport you enjoy playing.

In speaking module of IELTS, part 3 questions are vital to get higher band score because in this module the candidates’s overall fluency,knowledge and confidence are checked.Thus,it is vitally important that you prepare well for this section.I have gathered some handy questions in speaking part 3 for different cue cards.here in this article the speaking part 3 questions have been taken for the cue card DESCRIBE A GAME OR SPORT YOU ENJOY PLAYING.

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Follow up questions.

What sorts of games are popular in your country?

All types of games and sports are popular in my country. Cricket, football and hockey are liked the most as far as popularity of outdoor games are concerned. Whereas, chess, badminton and carom board are much famous indoor games in my country. 

How do games influence our life?

Games have immense impact, importance and influence on our life.

In the first place, People get fit physically and mentally by playing games. Secondly, the games which involve teams incite sportsman’s spirit, team work and unity in people.

In addition, games and sports arrangements are the best means to unite people from different religions, nations and groups.

Do you like to play indoor games or outdoor games? Why? Why not?

I like both the indoor and outdoor games alike. however, outdoor games have slight upper hand because of the physical exercise involved in it. When you play any outdoor games your body will automatically get exercise which you cannot expect from indoor games.

What are the advantages of indoor games?

Most of the Indoor games do not involve any physical straining or exercise. So, Indoor games are the best alternative for the people who do not want to perspire in open field. Games such as chess involve great mental exercise. This game could give the brain much exercise.

What are the drawbacks of indoor games?

As I have told you in previous question that the body does not get any physical exercise in indoor games. So we did not get any benefit as far as he fitness is concerned. 

What benefit can we get from playing outdoor games ?

Myriad Benefits can be obtained. in the first place,we can get physically fit.In addition,Out door games are also good for getting out of mental stress.and if you are playing somewhat outstandingly together with some luck you can get everything you want.money,fame and fortune. 

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