IELTS Speaking part 1 How to introduce yourself

How to introduce yourself in IELTS speaking part 1

What would you like me to call you? Or what is your name?

My first name is Mukesh and last name is Parmar. But, you can call me Mukesh.

Does your name have any special meaning? 

In my country, you can find rarely the names which do not have the meaning. So of course my name has a special meaning. It is a combination of two Sanskrit words. The meaning of my name is ‘the God’

How do people choose a name in your country?

In my country, a paternal aunt chooses a name for a baby. The name is also decided by asking friends and relatives. Names are generally chosen once the zodiac sign is confirmed. Nowadays, People search in the Google and ask for suggestion to the social media also.

What kind of a person are you?

I am an extrovert and optimist person. I have a friendly attitude with everyone. I would like to have company of other people. I can easily mingle in different persons and situations.

What is your strength?

Honesty and hard work is my strength. I am a firm believer that the person should be honest in his work. I also believe that one can achieve anything with hard work. I feel I possess these two qualities

Besides, I always speak truth and never cheat anyone.

What are your weaknesses?

I trust people easily because of this I have been cheated many times but still I believe in people. I am also a lazy person. My mom always scolds me for not waking up early and doing exercise.

Do you like the company of other people? Why /why not?

I am a gregarious person by nature. I like the company of my friends and relatives. Especially those who have similar mindset. I even talk and have discussion with the strangers who are of good nature and having the same liking and thoughts

Band 8 words for introducing yourself in IELTS speaking part 1 

There are plenty of good words you can  use to introduce yourself in IELTS speaking. some words are of 7 band value. some are even higher band value like 8.

Here I  am enlisting some words which are important to introduce yourself as well as others. Among them some are used in these posts. others are useful but not used in this post. Practice them so you can make them your property.

Band 8 words for introducing yourself in IELTS speaking part 1 

Extrovert : Confident and outgoing person

Introvert : Shy

Ambivert : Dual personality of both introvert and extrovert

Optimist : Positive

Pessimist :Negative

Down to earth : Simple and realistic

Gregarious : Sociable

Gourmet: Foodie

Dexter : Skillful

Adroit : Skillful

Versatile : Multi talented

Philanthropist : generous, social worker