Topic 4 : Describe a time when you received a good service from a restaurant.

Describe a time when you received a good service from a restaurant.

You should include.

  • Which was the restaurant?
  • What was the occasion?
  • What did you like about the service ?
  • And explain, How did you feel about it

Sample answer :

  • To be honest, I am not a person who frequently visits restaurants.
  • Mostly, I prefer homemade food to the food served in restaurants.
  • However, I occasionally visit some restaurants which serve delicious food together with decent service.
  • I remember my last visit to a famous restaurant in my hometown, Zyka which means ‘taste’
  • This restaurant is located in the outskirts of my hometown.
  • Normally, people go there to enjoy peaceful country side and serene environment.
  • But, mainly, it is famous for its mouth watering dishes and fantastic service.
  • It was a birth day of my wife when we visited it last time.
  • We were the first visitors of that day.
  • There was a sprinkle of scent as we entered in the hotel.
  • For once, we thought we have come to a marriage.
  • As we proceeded to seating arrangement. Two waiters have come to escort us towards it. We were feeling like king and queen.
  • After being seated on chairs, soup had been served to us, we told them we did not order.
  • However, later, we came to know that it was complimentary.
  • Light music has also been played for us.
  • Then, we ordered our main course meal. We have ordered different Punjabi dishes.
  • The waiters were standing just few steps away from us to serve us without any delay.
  • However, they were decent enough to keep distance so that we could enjoy our privacy.
  • I have never seen such sophistication and professionalism in hotel staff. They were truly awesome.
  • Finally, there was time for surprise. We saw a very decent and handsome man walking towards us. Beside him a charming lady with a beautiful sari dripped around her.
  • He introduced himself as an owner of the hospital.
  • At that time, we came to know that it was also the birthday of his wife. For that reason, we have been given too much attention because we were the first visitors of that day.
  • They have joined us for dessert.
  • The couple was fantastic. We have enjoyed so much.
  • We have also been given 30% discount on our food.
  • That was the memorable time for me and my wife.