Topic 17 : Describe a song or music you like.

IELTS speaking cue card topic 17 :

Describe a song or music you like.

  • What the song is.
  • What kind of song it is.
  • Where you first heard it.
  • An explain why you like it.

Sample answer:
Music and songs are more than a means of entertainment to me.It is just like a food for my mind and soul.I listened thousands of songs. And this process of listening to the songs will keep on going till I live.I listen to every genre of songs such as romantic, patriotic, sad or emotional.I like romantic songs more. But my favorite song does not belong to this genre. Many songs are near to my heart. Hence, it is not easy to select one. However, one song which I really admire is the song from movie ‘ tare zamee par’ which means “Stars on the earth” It is an Indian movie.
The words of the song go like this: “Tujne sab he pata he na ma” which means “you know everything mom.”It can be considered as a sad song. However, it is actually a feeling of a child toward his mother.I first heard it when I went to see that movie.
And you won’t believe, I had literally started crying when this song came.There are plenty of reasons why I like this song. It is filled with utter emotion of a son to his mother. The boy was not ready to go to a hostel but father was adamant enough to send him to it.
Whe they left the place the boy felt so lonely.
He wanted to tell her mother how much he loved and cared for her. On thi situation the song was pictured.
It is beautifully written by the elite Indian lyrist Prasun Joshi.
Any person who loves his or her mother will definitely cry after watching this song.