Topic 15 : Describe something you own which is very important to you.

IELTS speaking cue card topic 15

Describe something you own which is very important to you.

You should include :

  • Where you got it from?
  • How long you have had it?
  • What you use it for?
  • And explain why it is so important to you?

Sample answer

  • We normally have love and affection for people.
  • But sometime, inanimate things do have plenty of impact on us.
  • We never realize that it is just a thing.
  • One such thing I love so much is my laptop.
  • I can enlist numerous reasons why I have fascination and soft corner for my laptop in my heart and mind.
  • In the first place, it is a gift from my grandfather.
  • My grandfather has given me this laptop on my birthday.
  • I am an IT student.
  • I am always in need of laptop for different projects.
  • My grandfather has seen this need and gifted me the laptop.
  • I have been using it since my grandfather gave me.
  • It’s almost 5 years but I can still work on it comfortably.
  • I use it for different purpose.
  • It is handy in making projects, assignments and college work.
  • Thanks to my laptop that plenty of time I got first rank in different projects.
  • I also use it for watching movies. It has got a great picture and sound quality.
  • It is a laptop with high configuration so I can surf on internet very easily without any hanging up.
  • Sometime we, friends play games on it.
  • It’s really a fun playing games in my laptop.
  • It’s not only an instrument. It is a love from my grandfather.
  • Apart from that it is very useful in making different work whether it is educational or entertaining.
  • All in all, my laptop is more than a thing to me.