Many people believe that television is responsible for sedentary lifestyle. of today’s generation.

Many people believe that television is responsible for sedentary lifestyle of today’s generation.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Sample answer

Myriad sports and games are being shown on the television nowadays than past due to the advent of television and escalation of technology which explicitly affected the lifestyle of people in general and young generation in particular. This statement has been endorsed by numerous people who believe that the television is responsible for the sedentary lifestyle of young generation who spent most of their time in watching TV than engaging themselves in playing it.

In the first place, it is true that sports and games have always been a fascination for young generation thus it is obvious that youths are more engaged in either playing or watching the games. However, with recent technological advancement games and sports have become more enthralling and glamorous which attracted the youth towards watching sports. Moreover, watching games is less demanding than playing it. These could be the reasons for people in their youth to see more games which in turn affects the health.

On the other hand, plenty of other things are also liable for poor health of the people such as not doing exercise or eating junk food therefore, these aspects should also be taken in to consideration before putting blame on watching games on television. One cannot give any guarantee that people who are not watching games are healthy as compared to people who are watching. It depends on the overall diet, exercise and lifestyle of them.

Finally, it can be concluded that watching games may be the reason for the poor health of young generation. However, if we talk about the overall health then other aspects should not be overlooked.

Band 7+ words : 

Myriad : Many

Explicitly : Directly

Endorse : Support

Enthralling : Fascinating