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IELTS speaking part 1 sample answers : Topic : Health

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IELTS speaking part 1 

Is it important to eat healthy food?

Staying healthy is crucial for our life. We hear many times that health is wealth. All the facilities of the world mean nothing without a fit and healthy body. Healthy food is required to get the healthy body.

Balanced diet consists of all the macro and micro nutrients are vital to remain fit. Healthy food gives us nourishment, protects us from diseases and keeps us more energetic as well.

What kind of food can be considered healthy food?

Nature has got numerous foods which are suitable and healthy to our body. Specifically legumes and pulses which fulfills the need of protein.  Green leafy vegetables as well as fruits are also abundant sources of vitamins and minerals. And of course dairy products in particular milk which are having most of the nutrients our body needs.

Whole grains and cereals are also rich in essential nutrients.

Why people are concerned less about their health nowadays?

I would say people are concerned about their health. But it is the time which is the prime culprit. Nowadays, people want to have the best life for them. And for getting the life they want they have to work a lot. So in most situation people are not able to get the time for their health. They do not have time to cook food as well as doing exercise. Sometimes laziness plays a crucial role.

If you catch a cold, what do you do to help you feel better?

Due to the modern lifestyle we have become vulnerable to many diseases. Cold and fever are some of the most common diseases for which people are susceptible. Whenever I catch a cold first thing I do is drink a hot tea. This gives my body some warmness. Then I consult a doctor and take proper medicines prescribed by him.

For further relaxation, I take herbal remedies like drinking black or green tea. I also take extract of mint, ginger and basil leaves for sour throat. I take full rest for two or three days as most of the times we catch a cold or any diseases because of the tired body.

What activities do you do keep your body fit?

There are various exercises we can exert to keep body fit and healthy. As far as I am concerned, I do variety of activities. In the morning my day starts with yoga. Yoga is the ancient way of keeping body fit. I have learnt yoga from my grandfather. I have been doing yoga for almost ten years. Every day after having the session of half an hour of yoga I feel energetic and light.

In the evening time I prefer to walk. Walking is considered the best exercise for losing weight as well as for keeping your heart fit. Once in a month I go for exploring the nearby places in the outskirt of my hometown.

Do you read or watch articles on health?

Yes, I read health articles. In fact I have a subscription for one of the prominent health magazines of the world. Reading the articles on health gives me knowledge how to remain healthy. I read health articles on internet also.

I am less interested in watching health articles as I believe the videos are for entertainment only you cannot get the kind of knowledge from the videos which you get from reading. But I do not have an aversion of watching videos if they provide valuable information on health.

Do you take any pills for better health?

Ans. yes, I take food supplement pills to fulfill our need. Some types of minerals and vitamins we cannot get from our daily meal. So maintain or for balancing our diet I take diet supplementary pills.

What is the role of government in making the citizen healthy?

Ans. government can do many things for the health of their citizens. Like they should run the campaign to awake the people for their better health, they should increase the taxes on junk food. They should start free yoga class for citizens.

Vocabulary for IELTS speaking part 1 sample answers 

Topic : Health

Crucial : Important 

Macro nutrients

Micro nutrients








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