Band 6, 7 and 8 IELTS writing task 2 Sample Answer : Some people believe that they should be able to keep all the money they earn.

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You would find IELTS writing task 2 sample answers of students who got 6,7 and 8 band score in IELTS writing task 2.

Some people believe that they should be able to keep all the money they earn, and do not have to pay tax to the state. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample answer 1 : IELTS writing task 2 Band 8 sample answer

The increase in the tax on the income people earned is considered as a big trouble for the people in recent time. People have a notion that there should not be any kind of taxation on the money they earn. In my opinion, taxation is very necessary especially for the developing countries so completely removing the income tax is a bad idea.

In the first place, the state requires money to run the country and their only source might be tax. Citizens demand good facilities and services which require money, and this requirement of money, and this requirement of money can be fulfilled by tax. For example it is very necessary to have a good public transport and roads, so the quality transport system can be build only if the state has enough money here tax acts as a significant source of income for the state. Tax is the only assets most government depends on.

Additionally, if people are allowed to keep all the money they earn it would be difficult for the state to keep the data of the income sources of people, as a result there would be vast differences between the rich and poor. In certain countries there are no taxes as the sate have enough assets to run the nation, however, due to the absence of tax system 99% of the country’s wealth is owned by a minor part of the population lack of a good tax system increases the difference between wealthy and poor which is not good for a developing nation.

On the other hand, higher taxes give more power to the state and the money is misused rather than using it for the well being of people. In some countries it is seen that the tax collected is misused by the state, there are causes of corruption as well. People feel why they should give their hard earned money if it is not used for their well being.

According to me, income tax is very crucial for any country and if it is being misused, it does not mean that the tax system should be removed; instead the government should use the tax in a proper manner rather that misusing and wasting it.

Sample answer 2 : IELTS writing task 2 Band 7 sample answer

Paying tax is a controversial topic from the past some people believe that whatever the money they earn. Should not have to pay tax to the government While I am not agreeing with this statement I believe that every person have to pay tax except people who are below economic growth line.

Taxes can help the government to develop facilities of the state or country. Primary facilities such as transport health, and accommodation are provided from tax. Government would implement all the basic survival things through the taxes which paid by people. In developed countries the taxes are very high so the government is able to provide pension to senior citizens, give monthly income to children.

Moreover, from the taxes government could build schools and college, so poor children can get education at free of cost. All they could make high technological hospital these basic affords can be make state or country to rich and wealthy.

On the other hand, there are many people who cannot able to pay a tax from their earning. Some migrate students are faced many financial problems hence they have to start part time jobs which impacts on their overall educational result. Government should provide tax list on economical base. Some rules made on them, like richer person should have paid more taxes than financial weak people.

In conclusion, I believe that every person has pay tax on earning money. Because it helps to state or country to provide excellent facilities like transport education and accommodation but there should be a criteria for economics class and migrate students.

Sample answer 3 : IELTS writing task 2 Band 6 sample answer

In this contemporary epoch, people are working hard to earn a good living and also taxes are essential for the growth of the country. Few individuals believe that they should save all their earnings for themselves without paying their taxes to the country. I disagree with the statement and I also believe that citizens are entitled to pay taxes for the betterment of country and for enhanced standard of living.

T begin with, it is fact that every country collect taxes from the citizens. These taxes are collected for the construction of various facilities such as public transportation, medical facilities, and universities. In addition, this different kind of taxes is collected from their nation’s citizens by the particular states authority that is used for the benefit of public. For example, in many countries the residents enjoy medical and educational facilities for free or in short amount of money and this thing possible only when this countries people contribute to government in the form of taxes.

Secondly, people hardly find well-paid jobs when they are above 60 and might only minimum wages just because of their age. So, in some countries paying taxes is a way of saving for the retirement. The people of this countries enjoy retirement benefits from the government when they are aged which is known as pension and me after that government pays as pension will be helpful for them to spending life with all the needy things.

On the other hand, some people contradict that should be able to keep their earnings as savings because nowadays al otherwise do not gave trust worthy or in any governments all people are not trustfully and as result, corruption is occur. If corruption are occurs then this taxes are not using in positive ways or countries development. Some leaders are using this taxes only on their personal life or fulfill their needs in wider way so for that people do not give any taxes to the state they can keep all the money they earn.

In conclusion, taxes are resources for the government to build the country and to ensure their citizens have a good and developed standard of living. In my opinion, all people give taxes to authorities because this is the primary source of income for them and developed the facilities of their state or notion.

Sample answer 4 : IELTS writing task 2 Band 6.5 sample answer

There are a lot of government policies one of them to take some money from people in a form of taxes. However, some people denied to pay taxes and have argue that they should have right to keep their own money with them. I totally disagree with this notion there are many reasons behind that.

On the other hand, taxes are only one way in which government can obtain some money through people. If people avoid to pay taxes, government will not have any money So that authority cannot invest money in the public places which used by people for promotion comfort and easy life. Such as schools, hospitals, transport systems and so on as a result, development of country will stop and people cannot live comfortably due to lack of public services.

In addition, authority cannot invest in the renovation of historical places and museums which are main sources for attracting tourists. As a result, income which comes from the foreign country will be stopped. And it will impact on growth of country at the end. Government cannot introduce any helpful facilities for livings enjoy life.

On the other hand, corruption is being increase day by day in politics So that some people believe that they cannot receive back their own money in the form of facilities which done by authorities as a result, some people think that they should be able to keep all money which they earn. However, there are many ways for overcoming this problem.

Overall, according to my opinion, all people should pay taxes to the state because their money indirectly come back toward them in a different form which responsible for making life easy and comfortable.

Sample answer 5 : IELTS writing task 2 Band 6 sample answer

Nowadays moves is the most important thing to survive in daily life apart from that some people believe that they should share certain part of their income to state government in form of tax. In oppose some people believe that they should not pay tax towards government. In my opinion public should have pay tax to the government to stabilize the economy of our nation?

Some people believe that they must pay tax to the government because they believe that when they tax to the government provide us some facilities such as government hospitals government education roads and the government subsidy and many others they also believe that their income is much higher. So why should not they pay tax to the government that indirectly support our country.

The government employees believe that they get jobs from government so they can survive in their daily life and fulfill their needs so to become a part of the government we should spent certain amount of our income to the government.

On the other hand, some people argued that they get money by doing hard work. Add the they get is not enough to buy their daily needs such as food clothing and rent apart from that they believe that they do not pay tax to the government and says that government do not provide facilities such as roads hospitals and schools and they also believe that they are under the line of poverty and they save money to build u better future.

Finally by taking everything into consideration we can say that people should pay taxes to the government which indirectly supports our country’s economy with the help of tax.