Topic 23 : Describe an interest or hobby that you enjoy   

Describe an interest or hobby that you enjoy

  • How you became interested in it.
  • How long you have been doing it.
  • Why you enjoy it
  • And explain what benefits you get from it.

Sample answer : 

  • We work a lot to live a happy and healthy life.
  • However, to remain happy in the life involves something other than work which can get you relaxation and peace.
  • We all should possess at least one activity which can give you enormous pleasure and you can forget all the tension,grief and exhaustion of work by doing that activity.
  • That is your hobby or interest. Well if you ask me,it is watching is my favorite past time, my interest,my hobby whatever name it can be given. 
  • As far as the time, when i got interested in it, is concerned, I do not remember when I started to watch movies.
  • In my childhood, my grand father used to take me with him to see movies in the theater in our vicinity. He was so much fascinated for the movies,he has shown me some very enthralling and meaningful movies and gave the knowledge of understanding the meaning behind that I got interested in them.  
  • I have been watching movies in different genre and languages since then. 
  • I was so passionate about watching movies sometime I saw the movies in the languages which I do not understand.
  • I do not remember the Exact figure but i can say i have seen more than 2000 movies in my life.
  • Some fantastic movies I have seen are Batman the dark night, X men series, kungu panda  just name the few.
  • My grandfather taught me very fine things about movies. I learnt to enjoy not only from the acting and dancing or songs but also from other facets such as cinematography,story telling, direction and research also.
  • If we talk about the advantages which I got, there are the first place, Movies has given me relaxation whenever I was in grief. Secondly, I learnt many things from the movies from different characters of the movies for example I have learnt how we can do good to the society from the character of the batman. 
  • All in all, this is the activity which has given me relaxation,peace and knowledge.

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