We want to learn English that is why; we are spending a great deal of time, money, efforts and energy to get the results.

But, are we getting the expected results? If, no,

Then, are we learning English the right way?

Most of the English aspirants seem to have wondered

WHY aren’t they FLUENT?

Why can’t they express themselves in fluent persuasive way?

Why do they always hesitate & stumble in their day to day speech?

Why do the most common and important words of Standard English remain Alien to them?

Why do they feel awkward and clumsy while giving Presentation, debating or in a formal or informal chat?

Why aren’t they able to write essays, applications and letters without making any mistakes?

Above questions are prevalent everywhere. These questions make people worry irrespective of their studies. Even people with higher and advanced education also struggle while producing English language fluently.

Most of the people who join any spoken English class or buy a book of spoken English never realized that,originally,they have already been in touch with English for almost 8 years if a person is just intermediate( 12th pass),if a person is a graduate then the experience could be more.

Now, how is it possible that the people who didn’t learn anything in that period could become fluent in just 2 or 3 months? Yet most of the classes are claiming.

This is not merely a chance . . . . . . . . . Something went wrong otherwise 8 years is more than enough period to learn any language.

You may be having these questions. if yes,Get the answers of all your questions strait away from my revolutionary book on spoken English.

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