Why should we learn English?

A thought waving in my mind while writing this book, “Why do we need a book like this? There are dozens of books available in the market; lots of classes are being run here and there.In addition,people are working hard to achieve fair level of fluency in English.I think,there must have been some results, if people are putting serious efforts towards achieving fluency in English.However, over the years of experience, asking plenty of students and interacting with them, I found that people are struggling a lot while producing English in fluent convincing way.

I am really concerned about all those aspirants of English that’s why I am thinking to give something extraordinary in this book that can possibly change the way they think in English.You see, English is a language, and, to learn it, we have to understand the importance of languages and know the basic principles of learning the languages. As far as this book is concerned, we emphasize primarily on English but you can apply these principles on other languages too. We would understand the importance of languages in general and English in particular. Then, I would show you how this one book can bring the dramatic change in a way you speak English and how this book can give you a priceless skill, that is, fluency in English.

Language, as we understand, is the basic tool for communication which can either be speech or writing. Language is the basic need for any civilization to sustain and flourish. It is one of the best gifts which have been given to mankind by the god. We never realize the significance of languages because we have acquired it free from our society and environment. It would be extremely difficult for us to deal with our day to day lookouts if languages  would be taken away from us.Without a language, for example, I can’t write, you can’t read, we can’t send messages, people can’t manage their offices, knowledge can’t be transferred from one generation to other, history can’t be stored. There are several hundred languages spoken worldwide including our mother tongue Gujarati. People who live in Gujarat speak and understand Gujarati. As far as their knowledge is concerned, it has solely been acquired from Gujarati language only.

However, if they don’t know other languages then it would be difficult for them to communicate with the people from other states or countries because they can communicate in one language only. People who know one language can communicate in that language only. To give it a deeper thought, they can exchange ideas in only one language, can read the literature of that language only.

Let’s put it this way, nowadays, we have got the availability of so many books which have originally been written in other languages. But we can read these books in our mother tongue because it has been translated in our mother tongue. There are plenty of great poems, plays and novels  available in Gujarati. We may not have known the language in which these books have originally been written. Still we can enjoy those books. Because, it is available in our mother tongue. For example, we have got the availability of “Sherlock Holmes “series in Gujarati. “Sherlock Holmes” is a creation of England’s physician and author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes is known for his astute logical reasoning, his ability to disguise and forensic expertise whose adventures have been spectacular. This novel has been translated in Gujarati by Mr. Ramanlal Soni who is a children’s writer, translator and social worker. In addition, there are several other books which have been written in one language and then translated to other languages. So by these kinds of translated books we have been able to understand the cultures, customs, wisdom and knowledge of other civilization.

To understand the culture of any civilization or to exchange ideas from the people of one civilization to other, language is the most vital tool. Presently, we can get all these books in all the languages because someone has translated these books for us. Have you ever imagined what would have happened if no one had ever translated these books? Then, how could have we got the knowledge from these books?  We could never have got the knowledge, wisdom and greatness from these books. We should be equally thankful to those people who have translated these books for us as to those who wrote it In the first place.

Now, let’s talk about English in particular. The importance of English language has been rising day by day and it has become an international language. You are reading this book that shows that you are already aware of the importance of English, or you are lagging behind in your day to day conversation due to poor knowledge of English language, or not being fluent is an obstacle in your career.

  • Perhaps, you are a student of school or college where you have to learn English as a subject. You feel the difficulty in understanding the language and merely cram to get good score in English.
  • Or, you are a student who is quite able to read and comprehend English,can produce fluency in informal chatting or in one or two sentences conversation but you struggle while there is a long debate or serious chatting or giving interview or presentation in fluent way.
  • Or, you are a teacher, executive or a business person and you have to be fluent in English to get by with your daily lookouts.
  • Or, you are a housewife and worried about your child’s future, and by learning English you want to help your child in his study.
  • Or, you just want to learn and speak English to create good impression among your friends.

It’s up to you how you want to take this, it’s up to you why you want to learn English, simply to impress people or to use it in getting ahead, to progress in life or achieve your dream job, or getting success in business or help your child learn better English.Your requirement may be different, but if you are longed for learning this language, one thing I would like to assure you that after finishing this book your thinking in English would be positively and dramatically change.