Money is not important thing in life. IELTS writing task 2

Money is not important thing in life. Discuss

Sample Answer:

Money is not everything but everything is money. Society thought as from the beginning that money is not everything and we should not focus on money. However, we cannot deny that money is very important in our life but not the most important.

Money makes the life easier, give access to almost everything a human desire and even give power and reputation in the society. Money can buy any materialistic things and luxury which can improve lifestyle and living standards. Additional money which provides a better apartment to live and more trips with family in a year is always better. In addition power and reputation also follows money, therefore being rich give access to both of these qualities.

Money is the best friend of a person in an emergency. Life is unpredictable, it is better to be ready to face any kind of situation; none other than money can be the best solution every time. For example in case of a medical emergency friends and family are there for you but what helps the most is such emergencies are the funds and money you hold. The assistance provided by money during bad times and emergencies is unmatchable.

However, money cannot buy real happiness, friends, family and peace of mind. The love people get from their friends and family, the beautiful feelings cannot be bought with the money. When you feel low and sad friends and family can uplift your mood not the money. With money you can buy medicines but not health. There are many things in life such as friends, family, health and character which are more crucial in anyone’s life and should be given more priority than money.

Discussing all the factors we can conclude that money is important but it is not everything. The goal is to become wealthy not rich. Family and healthy are more important in person’s life than money.