Topic 10 : Describe a piece of electronic equipment (mobile, computer and laptop excluded) which you find useful.

Describe a piece of electronic equipment (mobile, computer and laptop excluded) which you find useful.

You should include.

  • What is it?
  • Why did you buy it?
  • How did find it useful?
  • And explain how do you feel after using it?

Sample answer:

  • Due to the advancement of technology, prevalence of electronic equipments has heightened beyond anyone’s imagination.
  • We are surrounded by abundant Electronic equipments and gadgets.
  • No one can deny the significance of these equipments in our life.
  • One such equipment which I find handy is a vacuum cleaner.
  • Before buying the vacuum cleaner, we used to sweep and clean our home with broomsticks.
  • It is obvious that as we grow older plenty of health challenges knock at our door.
  • We never thought of buying it until we have found that my mother has a serious problem of arthritis.
  • We bought it to give my mom some comfort in cleaning the home.
  • My mother is suffering from arthritis and it is painful for her to get to each and every corner of the house and clean it.
  • The day we bought vacuum cleaner. Everything has changed.
  • There are numerous benefits which can be enlisted.
  • In the first place, it is so easy and convenient to work with it. Sometime we thought we have wasted so much time with broomsticks. The use of it is very easy. My mom can do the cleaning very comfortably and easily. Even when no one is at home I also try my hands on it.
  • Secondly, it is great for the people who are allergic to dust because at the time of using, it protects dust from spreading over.
  • I found this instrument so handy that I frequently started telling people to buy one for them.
  • Really it is a boon for us. million thanks to the inventor of this wonderful creation.

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