Are you fluent in English ?

You have read in previous chapter that most of the people who want to learn English are the people who have already had basic education in it.People from different faculties want to learn English. They may be executives, teachers, students, sales or business persons, insurance agents, doctors etc. you can see that a person, who wants to learn English, have at least studied up to intermediate [H.S.C] .There may be some People who want to learn English with a very low educational background but this exception is very low and most of the people, I assume, have, at least,completed 12th standard.

Now, has it ever occurred to you that these people have already been in touch with English for 8 years if they are just  12th standard passed ?

You see, most of the people start learning English at the age of 10 when they are in 5th standard. Recently, some schools have started English from the very first day of the school. Therefore, if you have studied up to higher secondary level then you have been in touch with English atleast for eight years. Now, I would like to ask you a question,

Isn’t it a sufficient period to learn any language?  Aren’t we giving enough time in learning English in schools?

I think, period of eight years is more than enough  to learn any language because In India, people just have to learn for 5 or 6 years after completing H.S.C to become a doctor where they have to learn medical practices which was at that time totally unknown to them.

So,if a person can become a doctor or engineer in four or five years, or become any graduate in three years, he, at least, should be fluent in English language if he has been spending eight long years in learning English at school level.

Don’t you think something went wrong?

Otherwise, eight years are more than enough for learning any language. If we calculate roughly, there are almost 1000 hours of total consumption by English only in school time.

If you agree with me then eight years are enough to learn English. Now, the question is, if we have been spending this much time in learning English in school then, we must be fluent in English and must have good command over each part of the language.

  • But, do we really have?
  • Are we fluent in English?
  • Are the students of intermediate school fluent?
  • Are they able to give the presentation of 5 minutes in fluent way?
  • Are they able to comprehend some of the standard books and magazines of English language?
  • Are they able to write down letters or applications without making mistakes?

Here, I am not writing answers because I know that you know the answer. Here, we are expecting too much from H.S.C passed students, because, in reality even graduate and post graduate students are not fluent in English. We have to accept this fact that even after spending eight years to learn English in schools we have gained nothing. We find lot’s of classes and books of spoken English available here and there which prove that we didn’t learn anything in schools. If we had learnt English the way we should learn, there would have been no need of any classes or books.

Now, if we haven’t gained anything in eight years in schools, how are we going to be fluent in just two or three months of course which are offered by most of the classes? Still, most of the classes are claiming. Here, my aim is not to disparage any of the Schools, colleges, institutes or classes. I am simply showing you the situation which most of the aspirants of English are facing.

I have taught range of the students from 10 years school going kids to 60 years geriatric, from students to professionals, from housewives to doctors, from teachers to clerks and to the people from almost every faculty.

Over the years teaching them and interacting with them I came to know about the problems people are facing. In this book, I have tried to sort out the problems people are facing and given the basic principles by which the language can be learnt and should be taught. I hope, that the principles and fundamentals which I have given here would eliminate the struggle and hesitation and improve the quality of your  day to day conversation in English. Yes, this book has got the ability to give the kind of  knowledge and fluency you always wanted.

So…, just stick on and read on.

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