IELTS writing sample essay

There are many different type of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of country more important than the international music that is hard everywhere nowadays.

Sample Answer 1

Music is presently the most fascinating art form in the world and it is considered as one of the most beautiful art forms. Music as an art form is very precious and we require music for various reasons. However there are arguments between people about, which music is more important the traditional or the international.

There are copious forms of music around the world and every single form of music has its own uniqueness and specialty. The type of music created represents the heritage of art and culture of the culture, people, society, community, state and country. Listening to different forms of music can help people to know more about their culture and even help to connect to other cultures through music. Exploring more and more types of music is entertaining and sometimes adventurous as you can find anything interesting while exploring.

Music being the most entertaining and cultural part of our life and society, it is required everywhere. From a long time music have been a significant source of entertainment for most of the people, music is the core of the entertainment industry. Additionally without music, all of the occasions and festivals feel incomplete as the traditional music adds a great value for a culture.

If we talk about the importance of traditional music and international music, in my opinion both are equally important. Firstly, the international music is mostly directed towards a mass audience and focuses on entertainment rather than the art form, such music are really necessary for entertainment industry and to make money. On the other hand, traditional music is equally important because they help to preserve and spread the culture. Every culture has a great respect for their traditional music and it plays a significant role for the people of that culture.

We cannot imagine our life without music, it is everywhere and it also has a great role in our society. International and traditional music have their own value an importance. Every form of music is important for society and each form of music deserve similar respect.


Sample Answer 2

Music is a creative art in the whole world. Nowadays music becomes part of our life. Behind that, there are many helpful uses of music responsible. In addition, the choice of music is being changing day by day. Such as nowadays, people more like to hear international songs.

Firstly, music play very important role in daily life. Nowadays people have very busy and stressful schedules. So that people can feel relaxation from busy schedules through listening songs. Because of according to research music can effect on people mood. Moreover, music play important role in medical field. Nowadays many people can come out from depression which is serious problem in younger generation through music therapy. At the end, due to of this type of uses of music, we need music in our routine life.

In human life, traditional and international both songs are very important. Firstly, traditional music help to people for keeping touch with culture I so that in festivals, lyrics of the traditional songs make events more meaningful and enjoyable. Moreover, through traditional songs. New generation can gain interest as well as more information to ward own culture.

On the other hand, to listening international songs is being become popular trend. International songs are also important for new generation because nowadays, world is totally transferred in the globalization technology. So that through international songs, people can obtains information related culture of foreign community.

Overall, music makes our life very gorgeous and in our life traditional songs and international songs both play important role according to situation.


Sample Answer 3

A big revolution have been done in music industry over the last ten years and years and music helps to release stress and anxiety even more  it embellish our work experience. But the debatable topic among the people is which music should be given more importance traditional or international? as far as I am concerned both have their own valid ground so both are preferred individually.

To begin with, if we talk about traditional music, why it is important? Than it is believed that traditional music is production of our own country and it makes us connected with our aboriginal music culture and every people of our nation should be aware about it.  Another reason is lyrics and sound effects of traditional most are totally different than the other music which are easy to understand. For instance, if any person listen traditional songs or music after a time he gets addicted to it and he can realize the value of our traditional music instead of listen foreign music.

On the other side, international music have an also a significant value even the special thing about it is, it is listened in the every single corner of the world because of its language. A second reason is the sound effects like its background music and clear lyrics makes them more attractive and more preferable because, nearly 75% people who have English as their first language and most of the international songs and music are recorded in English like, if any person listen the famous foreign music so it helps him to get better understanding in other language and can know about their culture too.

Lastly, the bad part about the international music is violence and some abusing words which are used in some international music which influence the youngsters in the wrong way so it is given less importance in some region like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan whose native languages ae different and their culture does not allow them to use this kind of abnormal words. Some evidences shows that this kind of songs or music embellish very badly on children’s.

To summit up, both the music have their own importance but, traditional music should be given more importance rather than international one.