Technological development causes serious environmental problems..IELTS Writing Task 2

Technological development causes serious environmental problems..IELTS Writing Task 2

Technological development causes serious environmental problems. Some people believe the solution of these problems is everyone accepts a simple way to life while others say that only technology can solve these problems. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample Answer:

In modern life, technology becomes part of human life. We can say we have habituated for use of technology in every activity. Without technology we can’t make our life. Bu it also true, technology is one of major responsible factor for creating environment problem. It is big question for human life how to reduce environment problem but it very necessary to solve this problem by any way.

Firstly, if we all decides to live simple life, it can become helpful for solve environment problem such as don’t use vehicle which can reduces air pollution but I think it do not possible. Nowadays life becomes very fast. We use modern equipment in all always activity so that we can reduce time waste. If we start live to simple life, all activity take too much time and people become ore frustration but if we stop use of technology in unnecessary we can also reduce environment problem such as if destination do not have long way, don’t use vehicle.

In other hand, it is true through technology we can reduce environmental problems as well as solve the problems. In all faster growing life, many technologies develop which are helpful for reducing environmental problem. They are also helpful for given solution for decreasing pollution. Nowadays through technology can change stander and quality of equipment and solve pollution problem. Such as new technology in electricity filled which develop electrical equipment which use less electricity and give the best result also in automobile field, through technology development we have standard vehicle which produce less air pollution and also develop electrical vehicle which also take a part to solve problem related t air pollution. Technology related to recycling of waste product which develops for solving environment problem.

Finally in my opinion to live simple life do not possible but we should minimize use of things which is responsible for pollution and secondly modern technology also helpful to solve environment problem.