How to get 7 and higher band score in IELTS speaking – part 1

How to get 7 band score in IELTS speaking – part 1

You may have heard plenty of time about getting 7  and higher band score from different people and websites that these basic parameters are evaluated in IELTS speaking test.

  1. Grammatical Range and Accuracy.
  2. Fluency and Coherence.
  3. Lexical Resources.
  4. Pronunciation.

However, we should ask one question to ourselves before jumping on to these parameters, would we be having that much time in actual IELTS speaking test to ponder over these parameters. No, obviously not.

You see,IELTS speaking tests is designed to evaluate how comfortable and relaxed we are while communicating in English. IELTS band score is given  on the basis of originality nor of banality. You may have wondered about a friend who has not even prepared for 15 days and given IELTS exam and got 6.5 to 7 or even 8 band score. You take it as a miracle. However, that friend of yours must have been in touch with English for quite a long time. He must have been reading books and magazines and at the same time watching plenty of movies in English which gave him natural fluency and knowledge. thus, to get your desired score you have got to do the same thing.

First thing always comes first. We cannot target the bird’s eye if we have not taken the measurement properly. Is it possible for the scientists to launch a space craft without proper calculations? No, never. similarly without aim in mind about the particular band score. There is the least possibility for you to get that.

So, the very first thing you need to understand is deciding what band score you want to obtain in speaking test. Your goal has to be set otherwise the work would not be completed.

You don’t have to worry about advanced words or advanced structure if you want to get only 6.0 band score in speaking. Nowadays, students get plenty of misleading advised from different sources that advanced vocabulary is must for getting band in speaking. However, sometime students are not used to with theses advanced words. They get confused while using these high sounding words. They find it very difficult to use these words and at the same time fluency is greatly compromised. You just have to keep in mind that fluency should never be compromised.

You can find fantastic tips on building your vocabulary from my articles how to build better vocabulary and what does the true vocabulary really mean?. you would also like to see some advanced and important words from band 7 vocabulary for  ielts : core lists 

As far as getting the 6 band score is concerned you just need to focus on the parameters we are going to discuss in this article.

What to be done to get 7 band score or higher would be discussed in the coming article.  

Now coming to the tips. Three basic parameters are needed to get 6 band score in speaking.

First: Fluency

This is the vital factor: the examiner will first check whether you are able to speak with natural comfort or not. If you can speak with natural comfort and fluency this is my guarantee that you would get minimum 6 band score.

Second: grammar

Grammar accuracy is very much important for getting 6 band score. Always try to make minimum grammar mistake but don’t compromise with fluency .

Keep in mind that if you are fluent and speak without hesitation your grammar should be perfect. Fluency is not possible without the proper knowledge of grammar.

Third: comprehension

This is also one of the most important factors. If you are good at comprehension you would be able to respond quickly to the questions which have been asked by the examiner. And at the same time, prepare your answer wisely.

In conclusion, I would suggest that it is important that you decide what score you wanted. Above parameters are more than enough to get 6 band score. Anyone who is appearing for ielts exam should be well versed in these parameters. Once you get the mastery over them you can think of advanced parameters. First work on these then try other parameters.

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